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Workplace accidents: Heavy machine overturns, kills worker

Heavy-duty vehicles play a significant role in many areas of construction, potentially causing workers in Texas and elsewhere to grow accustomed to operating them on a daily basis. With the size and weight of such machinery, there is also an inherent level of risk involved. Workplace accidents involving similar vehicles can be dangerous, potentially leading to serious injuries for anyone nearby, or worse.

A 55-year-old man was recently killed while operating a dirt roller at a construction site in another state. He was reportedly working on a paving project at a home that was up for sale when the machine suddenly overturned, trapping him underneath. Although emergency responders arrived shortly after being notified, the man was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

The human element in airplane disasters

Whether it's a long flight across the country or a short jaunt across Texas, an airline flight requires you to place your trust in many factors over which you have no control. You must trust that the plane is in good working condition, the pilot is well rested and competent, and the crew is capable and alert.

Nevertheless, each year planes fall from the sky or make dramatic landings, injuring and killing passengers and those unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place on the ground. While investigators may attribute some accidents to mechanical failure or other factors, most airplanes crash because of human error.

When an accident causes the loss of a limb

An accident that results in a devastating injury can affect a person for the rest of his or her life. If that injury resulted in the loss of a limb, the victim's recovery may be long and difficult.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 500 people in this country become victims of amputation each day. About 2 million people in the United States live with the loss of a limb. Losing a limb can be traumatic and emotional. The change in your appearance may be a difficult adjustment, and you will certainly have many challenges adapting to new ways to perform routine activities with a missing limb.

Premises liability lawsuit: $300,000 for woman injured in fall

Property owners in Texas and elsewhere are responsible for maintaining a safe environment free of hazards to prevent accidents and injuries. When potential risks are made known, those responsible usually choose to address the issue as quickly as possible. However, sometimes these warnings are ignored, and eventually someone might suffer the consequences, which could in turn lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

A woman in another state was recently awarded a $300,000 judgment under similar circumstances. According to reports, the woman was a frequent volunteer at a local recreation center, and had often raised concerns about a specific rug, claiming that it could be a risk. Several others had also complained about the mats at this location, but they were reportedly left in place.

A chemical burn can place your vision at risk

You wear safety goggles at work because you know the dangers of the chemicals you work with and the consequences of getting those substances in your eyes. However, in one split second, the chemicals were in your face, and your eyes began to burn. Thankfully, your job site has an eye wash station where co-workers helped you rinse your eyes until help arrived.

In the hospital, you probably faced more washing and cleansing of your eyes and endless tests. If you couldn't see what was happening, you may have felt frustrated by the silence, the confusion and the unanswered questions. The severity of the damage to your eyes depends on the chemicals involved and the speed at which you received treatment. Nevertheless, you may have your concerns, and those concerns are justifiable.

Workplace accidents can have disastrous financial ramifications

Working in and around heavy machinery and equipment at a construction site inherently has its risks. Such equipment might make a great deal of construction work in Texas and elsewhere significantly less difficult to perform, but heavy machines mixed with unstable ground could result in disastrous workplace accidents. A recent construction accident in another state ended with one man being airlifted to a local hospital.

According to police, the accident occurred between 10 and 11 a.m. on a recent Monday at the construction site of a home. A man became trapped under a portion of the home's foundation after a sudden collapse. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders assert that the rescue was postponed on account of an excavator that was hanging on a slope just above the site of the collapse.

Mid-life brain injury related to dementia

With each generation, the urgency for protecting children from accidents increases. As medical science continues unraveling the mysteries of the brain, preventing head injuries grows in importance. Car seats, bike helmets and new concussion protocol are just a few ways in which safety advocates have sought to prevent young people from suffering serious brain injuries.

However, new research shows that young people are not the only ones whose lives can be irreversibly changed by a traumatic brain injury. A recent international study shows that if you suffer a moderate to severe brain injury after age 41, you face the potential for future complications even if you seem to make a full recovery.

Workplace accidents involving explosions often prove fatal

Working around hazardous materials and chemicals inherently involves a certain level of risk. Companies in Texas and elsewhere who are tasked with disassembling and moving such materials may place a high priority on preventing workplace accidents and protecting employee safety, but identifying every potential danger could be challenging at best. A recent accident in another state involving an explosion has left one person with severe injuries, and killed another.

The men were reportedly depressurizing a tank that was previously used to store chemicals. Suddenly, and explosion occurred, which was apparently heard and felt by another individual who was at a restaurant that is around a mile away from the site. One of the men was severely injured during the accident, while another was reportedly pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The elements of a successful wrongful death claim

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is one of the most difficult things that any family can go through. Not only does it bring significant emotional duress and mental suffering, it can also bring financial struggles for your family, both immediately after the accident and long into the future.

If you lost a loved one due to the actions of another person or party through negligence or reckless behavior, you have the right to seek compensation for your suffering and financial losses through a wrongful death claim. However, knowledge is power and you can benefit by understanding your legal options before moving forward with a civil claim.

Tired truckers are dangerous drivers

Due to their significant size and weight, large trucks can cause significant damage when they collide with smaller vehicles. Texas drivers who have suffered harm because of a crash involving a semi-truck could be victims of one of the most common dangers involving truck drivers: fatigue.

Fatigued driving is a serious problem in the trucking industry. While there are federal  regulations specify how many hours a trucker can drive consecutively, men and women still get behind the wheel of large trucks while dangerously tired. Tired drivers are dangerous drivers, especially when they are in control of large, heavy vehicles. 

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