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Is your loved one a victim of elder abuse?

When your Texas family places a loved one in a nursing home or residential care facility, it is with the expectation that he or she will receive adequate care and treatment. Unfortunately, some facilities and care providers violate this trust, and your loved one may be the victim of one or more types of elder abuse. If you suspect that this is happening, you will find it beneficial to secure medical and legal assistance as soon as possible.

Don't let a fatal truck accident bury you financially

With the number of semitrailers out on Texas roads every day, it is not uncommon to hear of trucking accidents that have fatal results. If a truck accident is responsible for the loss of your loved one, it is likely that you are dealing with a significant amount of emotional and financial stress. Thankfully, this is a burden you may not have to shoulder alone, and it doesn't have to bury you financially.

Anyone who has seen a crash involving a semitrailer knows just how much damage they can do. There is a reason that fatalities are often the result of such incidents. The size and weight of most of these vehicles can crush just about every other automobile with which they share the road.

Oil and gas field accidents on the rise in Texas

As a resident of Texas, you know that rich deposits of oil and gas exist in certain regions. In fact, in recent years, the state has seen a surge in drilling, which creates jobs. Unfortunately, along with an increase in various job opportunities in the oil and gas extraction business, there also appears to be an increase in fatal work accidents, many involving negligence or defective equipment.

It's important to know that if you work in the oil and gas industry, the Department of Labor classifies your job as a type of mining work. Therefore, when you see statistics such as the fact that in 2010, 45 workers died in mining accidents in Texas, you should know that those numbers include people working in the oil and gas industry.

Catastrophic injuries to the brain can create many challenges

An individual who suffers a traumatic brain injury often experiences difficultly in many areas of life. Catastrophic injuries of this nature can be challenging to overcome, and many lead to long-term or permanent damages that can be difficult to accept. People in Texas may wish to avoid similar injuries and protect themselves from future harm; unfortunately, some accidents occur under circumstances in which a victim has no control.

There are countless ways in which person can suffer an injury to the brain. Many athletes have suffered concussions while playing sports, and while these are mostly mild, every head injury should be assessed and treated promptly just in case. In more severe cases, such as a car accident, a brain injury can be significantly more damaging to a person's health.

Fuel system defects cause thousands of vehicle fires each year

The fuel system in a car has the potential to make that vehicle a bomb on wheels. A single spark or a drop of gasoline on a hot surface can suddenly produce a huge fire that spreads extremely quickly. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were approximately 174,000 vehicle fires in 2015. These fires killed 445 people and caused 1,550 injuries.

Comprehending the Consequences arising from Building Fires

Living in a house that is susceptible to building fires can be a hazardous option, to say the least. In such a building, succumbing to carbon monoxide inhalation is a more probable likelihood, let alone the scorching consequences of a building fire. Mainly aggravated by a defective sprinkler, it is abundantly clear that residence in such a building such be avoided at all costs. Based on a 2011 report, Texas has gained a notorious reputation of claiming more lives through building fires compared to other States across the U.S. In a clearer perspective, 261 Americans lost their lives through Texas fires in 2011 alone. Such a shocking statistic comes in the wake of mass campaigns on the benefits of sprinkler installation within households.

While most tragic fires are unavoidable, it would be prudent to sensitize millions of Americans on the benefits of exercising caution at home. Building Fires are mainly attributed to cooking as the primary source at 48.7% while the following also play a hand in rising infernos:

The good intentions of parents undermined by toxic products

Parents typically want the best for their children. For many, that means avoiding chemical medicines and treating their children's normal aches and pains with natural products. You likely trusted the products that claimed to bring homeopathic relief to your child's teething discomfort. When your child became ill after using the product, it may have been a shock.

When "safe" is dangerous

Safety is one of the top concerns among people buying used cars. You have probably come to rely on various seals of approval, such as the words "certified" and "inspected for safety" when considering previously owned cars for purchase. However, recent legal decisions may cause you to doubt the trustworthiness of those claims.

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