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Wrongful death suit filed after catastrophic injuries cause death

College should be a fun and challenging experience for students continuing their education. Sadly, one Texas student will never have that opportunity. A fraternity and 10 of its members were recently named in a wrongful death lawsuit, blaming them for the catastrophic injuries that led to a young man's death.

The young student was enrolled at Texas A&M University and apparently attending an event at the Sigma Nu fraternity house just before his Aug. 2016 death. The subsequent wrongful death claim was filed by the man's family some time earlier this year. The family asserts that the negligence of Sigma Nu fraternity and some its members led to their son's death.

When seemingly innocent games lead to brain injuries

Contact sports are big in Texas (like everything else, right?) and many parents, perhaps yourself included, love to cheer for their children as they participate on local school and community teams. From pee-wee football on up through high school and college, football itself is one of the most frequently played sports there is. Your child might also be involved in one or more other frequently played sports, including hockey, soccer or basketball.

Although each of these sports have different rules and regulations, they also have some things in common. For instance, if your son or daughter plays soccer, basketball or football, he or she is going to do a lot of running. Such activities also have a few negative things in common, such as risk for injury, especially concussion and other brain injuries.

Carbon monoxide negligence can lead to premises liability claims

Carbon monoxide is well-understood as dangerous, but not everyone is fully aware of how deadly it can be. As an odorless gas, it can be impossible to tell when a leak is occurring. Carbon monoxide detectors are often the only line of defense between people and a deadly type of poisoning, and yet many properties in Texas are not equipped with functioning equipment. Premises liability claims are often the only way to hold negligent property owners responsible.

Legally, all homes, apartment buildings and day care centers across the state must be outfitted with carbon monoxide detectors. While property owners who fail to install these life-saving devices are obvious in their negligence, other types of negligence are not always so clear. Installing a detector without checking to see if it is defective can be negligent, as can ignoring proper upkeep, such as replacing batteries as needed.

Causes of carbon monoxide poisoning accidents

How can something so seemingly innocent be so bad? Carbon monoxide is odorless, it is colorless and it can kill you. Despite the frequent warnings regarding carbon monoxide safety, numerous people suffer injuries or die from carbon monoxide poisoning accidents every year.

How does carbon monoxide poisoning occur anyway? Is there any way to prevent it? What are the warning signs that you or a loved one may be suffering from exposure to this dangerous gas?

EpiPen manufacturer accused of ignoring defective products

Life-threatening allergies are an incredibly stressful aspect of everyday life for many people across Texas. When some individuals are exposed to an allergen, it is truly a life or death situation. For many, the first line of defense is an EpiPen, which can give them enough time to get to the hospital for proper treatment. Pfizer Inc. -- the maker of the EpiPen -- was recently accused of manufacturing hundreds of defective products, which put people's lives on the line.

The accusations against Pfizer are quite serious, as some claims allege that people actually died because of defects in the EpiPen. Complaints include faulty injectors that failed to work properly, while others claim that epinephrine -- the drug contained in the EpiPen -- was able to leak out and therefore unavailable when needed. Perhaps even more upsetting is what Pfizer failed to do with most of the 171 faulty product samples it received between the years 2014 and 2017. Despite the serious nature of patient's claims, Pfizer did not disassemble and investigate these samples.

After inhaling carbon monoxide, get tested at the emergency room

We have all heard the warnings about carbon monoxide, the silent killer. Perhaps you have seen TV shows or movies where carbon monoxide overcomes people, rendering them unconscious. Perhaps those fictional characters even died from breathing the odorless gas.

You may not know you are inhaling carbon monoxide because it has no taste or smell. However, once in your body, its molecules overtake the oxygen in your blood. Little by little, the poison deprives your brain and other organs of oxygen, leaving you at risk for serious injury and ultimately death. If you have recently been exposed to carbon monoxide, you will certainly want a physical examination that includes a blood test.

Don't lose your traction as you recover from a truck accident

Even if you travel busy Texas highways every day, you probably never fully grow accustomed to sharing the road with tractor-trailers. The sight of these massive machines barreling up behind you in your rear view mirror is enough to make your stress levels soar through the roof! If you happen to be driving during inclement weather conditions, coming neck-and-neck to a tractor-trailer may place you and anyone nearby at great risk for injury. So much can go so wrong so quickly, especially if a truck jackknifes.

Witnessing an enormous, fast-moving big rig crumple and bend into the shape of pocketknife can be absolutely terrifying, especially if you're in within collision distance. Such vehicles are not going to vanish from the earth; therefore, it's better if you at least gain an understanding of what types of things can cause a truck to jackknife in the hope that you may be able to avoid an accident.

Woman files premises liability lawsuit after 7 story fall

When a company opens a parking garage to the public, it is generally responsible for maintaining a safe environment for everyone nearby. If hazardous or unsafe conditions lead to an accident, the result could be catastrophic. A woman has recently filed a premises liability lawsuit against a company after a faulty cable barrier reportedly allowed her car to fall seven stories in a Texas parking garage.

According to the lawsuit, the woman's vehicle fell seven stories with her inside after traveling through a cable barrier. This comes after the company allegedly failed to perform maintenance on the barriers following a similar incident that took place the previous year. An investigation into the matter allegedly uncovered several loose cables, along with violations to safety codes at the garage.

Defective products: $417M verdict against Johnson & Johnson

Women in Texas and across the country are paying close attention to thousands of lawsuits that have been filed against Johnson & Johnson. While many of the lawsuits -- claiming the company has been marketing dangerous and defective talcum powder products for many years -- have been dismissed, juries in some cases have awarded significant amounts of money in damages. The most recent case involved a verdict of $417 million.

This case played out in another state, and it was filed by a woman who claimed to have developed ovarian cancer that was caused by many years of using a product that Johnson & Johnson knew to be unreasonably dangerous and defective. The plaintiff alleged that there was documented proof that the defendant was aware of many warning signs of the cancer threat posed by its talcum powder products over a period of 30 years. However, the company allegedly knowingly chose not to warn consumers.

Did a defective product cause you harm? You have rights.

When you purchase a product for your home, yourself, or another member of your family, it is with the expectation that the product is safe and will not cause harm. However, there are times that dangerous or defective products cause harm to innocent consumers, and if this happened to your family, you may be wondering what you should do next.

You may feel unsure about how to proceed. Who is responsible for your pain and suffering? Was the incident the result of gross negligence on the part of the manufacturer? You have the right to know the answers to these questions and more, and you may also have grounds to pursue compensation through a products liability claim.

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