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The oil and gas industry must now report severe injuries

The oil and gas industry has long been a cornerstone of the Texas economy. If you have worked in this industry all your life, it is possible that your parents and grandparents also had jobs related to energy. It is also quite likely that you or someone you know has suffered an injury on the job.

While the industry praises itself for its commitment to safety, you may have cause to disagree with this self-assessment if you work in an oil field or any other aspect of the industry. In fact, some data indicates oil and gas is the industry with the highest rate of severe injuries, and the two oil-field services companies with the highest rate of serious injuries are located right here in Texas.

Rehabilitation is essential after your loved one's brain injury

The day loved one suffered a serious head injury due to someone's negligence must have seemed like a nightmare. However, the following morning the situation may have seemed equally strange as you and your family took your first steps into the world of brain injuries. Life as you knew it was over, and a new reality was in place.

Doctors may not use the word "recover," but instead talk about your loved one's "improvement." They may try to keep your expectations low because brain injuries are unpredictable and unique to the victim because of many variables. One course of action your loved one's medical team may suggest is a rehabilitation facility. The programs offered at these facilities may provide the most positive results.

When using space heaters leads to injuries or worse

Texas has seen some lower temperatures than usual so far this winter season. This may cause more people to utilize space heaters in order to keep warm. While these devices are small and convenient, they can also be quite dangerous to use. If you have suffered injuries due to a malfunctioning space heater, the use of the wrong type of space heater for the space or a fire started by a space heater, you may seek compensation for your losses.

There are two types of space heaters: those that run on electricity and those than run on gas - vented and non-vented. Gas-powered portable heaters are generally for heating outside spaces. If used indoors, this can cause a very dangerous air quality situation, unless they are properly vented outside. Plug-in heaters are the most appropriate for in-home use.

After catastrophic injuries, Texas victims file suit

The unexpected loss of a loved one can wreak emotional and financial havoc on surviving family members. When that loss of life is because of another's negligence, it is sometimes necessary to hold the responsible party financially accountable. Several Texas families are pursuing suits against the U.S. Air Force after they lost family members or suffered catastrophic injuries in the Sunderland Springs First Baptist Church mass shootings last November.

After suffering multiple gunshot wounds during the Nov. 5 attack, one woman is still bouncing between the hospital and rehab. She recently filed a lawsuit against the Air Force, making hers the fourth from victims of the shootings. Another family -- which lost nine members -- sued only weeks afterward, and another family filed suit the very next day.

A party bus accident could cause serious injuries

Sometimes it's nice not to have to worry about traffic, parking and staying sober when attending an event. Hiring a party bus or chauffeured limousine to alleviate those frustrations could make your trip more enjoyable. You and the group you travel with can relax and let someone else be in charge of the transportation to and from your destination.

The problem is that your worry-free trip could turn into a catastrophe if an accident occurs. Whether you are traveling to a sporting event, a bachelor or bachelorette night, or some other occasion that requires you to ride in a such a vehicle, you place your life in the hands of the person at the wheel.

Are potty seats defective products? One from Target seems to be

Residents of Texas have the right to expect any products they purchase to be free from safety risks or at least to come with reasonable warnings of any hazards. Far more important, perhaps, is ensuring that items manufactured specifically for use by children and easily available for purchase at the retail giant Target pose no danger. One would expect any defective products -- especially those that endanger children -- would be immediately pulled from store shelves.

Yet, in another state, Target appears to have done nothing to recall an apparently dangerous children's product, despite numerous complaints. The most recent -- and, to date, most severe -- case of injury has prompted a family to file a lawsuit against the store after a product allegedly mutilated their toddler. According to the complaint, the potty training device nearly tore off a little boy's genitals.

Elders deserve better than they receive in some nursing homes

Placing an elderly loved one into a nursing home can cause family members a considerable amount of trepidation. News stories and rumors regarding the abuse that occurs in nursing homes make it difficult for you and your family to know which facility to trust.

Though there is some truth to the old saying that you get what you pay for, even expensive nursing homes may not be immune to the potential for abuse. The problem became pervasive enough for the U.S. Department of Justice to start an Elder Justice Initiative. The USDOJ also provides the following information regarding the types of abuse that your aging loved one could suffer that your aging loved one could suffer in a nursing home.

Defective tire causes fatal crash

One person was killed and two people injured when a pickup truck crashed into a guard rail near Colorado City, Texas on December 11, 2017. The crash occurred on Interstate 20 just east of the city. The accident happened when the tread separated on one of the truck's tires, causing the vehicle to spin out of control before it hit the guard rail and overturned.

Savage Arms accused of leaving defective products on market

From small kitchen appliances to large furniture to children's toys, Texas consumers rely on companies to create safe and effective products. Unfortunately, some manufacturers emphasize their bottom lines over the safety of their products. Savage Arms -- a gun manufacturer -- is currently under fire for a producing a rifle that allegedly explodes. While virtually all defective products can pose a risk for consumers, defective firearms might pose an even greater risk.

In 2014, an out-of-state farmer was preparing his 10 ML-II rifle for the start of his local deer hunting season. Although he claims that he loaded his rifle in the exact same manner as he always had, the outcome was much different. After firing at a target, he says that the barrel of his gun exploded. He suffered burns to his face and his right hand was severely damaged.

Easing the pain of burn injuries

If you have ever accidentally dripped hot grease on yourself or bumped the edge of a pan taken out of a hot oven, you know how badly such injuries can hurt. When it comes to severe burns, unfathomable pain and long, arduous recoveries are common among those who are victims of such injuries. If you are currently navigating the healing process after suffering serious burns on one or more parts of your body, you are likely relying on various people for support.

Care providers are often key factors toward successful outcomes where burn recovery is concerned. If another person's negligence was responsible for your injury, you may need a different type of support as well. Burn recovery care is quite expensive and you may not be prepared to meet such costs when medical bills start rolling in or you have to take time off work to recuperate. There are resources to help obtain the care you need as well as justice against the party deemed responsible for your condition.

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