Injured By A Defective Guardrail? We Can Help.

Defectively designed guardrails have wreaked havoc across the nation in the last few years, resulting in countless injuries and fatalities. At Wyatt Law Firm, our dangerous product attorneys are proud to advocate for individuals who have suffered serious injury or loss because of defective guardrails or similar products.

We know how challenging these cases can be, especially when facing big companies and their legal teams. That is why our firm is here to step in on your behalf, using our proven experience and insight to help you efficiently navigate your case.

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Trinity Industries Defective Guardrails

State after state is deciding to ban and remove all guardrails manufactured by Trinity Industries. This was prompted by a recent, successful lawsuit against Trinity that claimed the company’s product did not perform how it was intended to perform, and that defect could lead to serious injury or death. To date, at lawsuits have linked Trinity’s defective guardrails to eight deaths.

Trinity guardrails were originally designed to give way upon impact, but allegations assert that Trinity may have changed its guardrail design without informing regulators. The updated design caused the guardrails to seize rather than give way. Trinity continues to claim that any modifications to its guardrails posed a threat of injury or death.

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Do you have a dangerous product case?

Determining if you have a case following an injury caused by a guardrail can be challenging. You will first need to establish that an actual defect caused your injury or damages. If a manufacturer hasn’t already announced or admitted that the defect exists, this can become much more complicated.

Some of the most common issues that lead to defective guardrails include:

  • Unannounced changes to product style
  • Failure to properly test for crashworthiness
  • Poor design or untested adjustments to design

Design changes made to save manufacturing costs by certain guardrail companies have put thousands of miles of defective guardrails across the United States. While these defective guardrails only have a roughly one inch decrease in width and height at the end terminal, this small change has a significant impact on drivers who get hit into these ends at highway approved speeds. These defective guardrails have allowed sections of the guardrail to pierce through motorists’ doors instead of bending as they are designed to. A properly designed guardrail will have its end terminal bend away from the automobile upon impact in an energy-absorbing design. The defective guardrails, instead, will lock up and spear into the vehicle, resulting in life-altering injuries.

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