Injured In A VIA Metropolitan Transit Accident?

The VIA Metropolitan Transit is a mass transportation agency that serves the people of San Antonio. Established in 1977, the VIA Metropolitan Transit helps commuters get to where they need to go. According to the VIA organization, an average of 43.6 million riders use the public transit every year. Because of the number of people and the need for transit, it is not uncommon to see VIA Metropolitan Transit buses zooming through the streets in San Antonio.

With the number of transit buses on the roads and the riders inside, the bus drivers have a responsibility to drive cautiously and to take all safety precautions. You expect the driver to have gone through extensive training about handling such large vehicles and they should be very familiar with all traffic laws. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. All too often, buses are involved in accidents that lead to serious injuries or even death.

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Causes Of VIA Metropolitan Transit Accidents

Imagine you are driving down North St. Mary's street, careful of your surroundings. Suddenly, your car is hit by one of the VIA Metropolitan Transit buses because the driver was distracted. That is exactly what happened to a crash victim last year, who told KENS 5 that he is still waiting for compensation.

Sometimes, city bus systems fall short on providing the level of safety and precaution they need to. There can be multiple reasons why bus accidents happen.

Some causes of public transit bus accidents include:

  • Distracted driving – This is one of the leading reasons for a number of bus accidents. Bus drivers are responsible not only for the people in their vehicle, but also of those with whom they share the road. If the person behind the wheel is not paying attention, they risk the lives of everyone involved.
  • Fatigued driving – Driving tired is almost as bad as distracted driving. With the volume of people needing rides every day, it can be easy for a bus driver to work long hours. However, if they do not receive the appropriate rest time, they will not be as sharp when driving. Driving while fatigued can cause a person to not pay appropriate attention, leading to preventable accidents.
  • Improperly maintained buses – There are time when the driver is not at fault. If a bus is not taken care of properly, it can malfunction, thus leading to accidents. It is the job of the transit company to provide properly working vehicles.
  • Unqualified drivers – There are certain requirements a driver must meet in order to operate a VIA Metropolitan Transit bus. Some companies hire individuals without checking to see if they have the proper qualifications or without providing necessary training. They can be held accountable if an unqualified driver gets in an accident with someone else.

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