Construction’s Fatal Four Hazards

Construction is an industry that is vital for the growth of our nation. From homes to large plazas, construction workers work hard to build necessary structures and buildings. However, the profession is one of the most dangerous, annually resulting in a high number of injuries and deaths. According to the Occupation and Safety Health Administration (OSHA), 775 construction workers die out of the 5,711,000 total in the nation.

There are four common causes for construction accidents. They are falls, struck by objects, electrocution, and caught in between. These four hazards make up approximately 57% of all construction accidents. Experts predict that if these four dangers were eliminated, an average of 435 American construction workers' lives would be saved. However, they are prevalent dangers now.

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Falling Hazards

Falls are characterized has any time that something on the worksite causes you to lose balance or motor function that results in you collapsing. Although some people fall occasionally with no lasting effects, during construction work it can be highly dangerous or even fatal. According to OSHA, falls account for 36.5% of construction worker deaths. That means 302 workers die out of 828.

There are precautions that can be take when it comes to falls. Some ways to protect yourself are:

  • Using fall protection equipment (guardrails, safety nets, etc.)
  • Using ladder safety
  • Getting the training necessary for a safe working process

It is the employer's responsibility to ensure safe working environments. They are required to inspect any scaffolding used, to provide training, and generally adhere to appropriate safety regulations. If you or a loved one has suffered a fall due to your employer failing to meet standards, contact us today.

Stuck-By Object Hazards

Struck-by hazards are defined by the act of forcefully having an object collide with you. It is when an object or equipment hits you while you're on the job. With all the various moving parts being used during a project, it is not unlikely to be hit with a moving object.

There are four primary types of struck-by objects:

  • Flying objects
  • Falling objects
  • Swinging objects
  • Rolling objects

It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that all vehicles, tools, and equipment are up to code. They must also provide the proper training to ensure that all the workers know how to use the equipment and how to function in a construction environment. Employers much also ensure that all safety and health protocols are upheld.

Electrocution Hazards

Electrocution is a very dangerous risk, where a worker is exposed to high levels of electricity. Working with wires and cables makes electrocution a very likely possibility. Coming into contact with electricity can cause severe burns, shocks, fires, or even explosions. OSHA states that there are approximately 71 deaths a year due to electrocution accidents.

It is the employer's obligation to:

  • Ensure the overhead line is safe
  • Provide paper grounding
  • Provide appropriate training
  • Make sure equipment is maintained properly and safe to use

Electrocution can cause severe injuries that can affect your quality of life. If you employer failed to follow protocol that resulted in you getting hurt, contact our construction attorneys today.

Caught Between Hazards

The final hazard is caught between dangers. This generally includes a person getting a part of their body or their whole body trapped, squeezed, stuck between two objects (equipment, parts of machine, etc.). On average there are at least 21 deaths that result from caught between dangers, and significantly more injuries.

Some caught between hazards include:

  • Machine parts that are not properly covered
  • Machinery that is not properly locked or maintained
  • Getting buried during cave-ins and collapses
  • Getting pinned between heavy vehicles

Employers should safeguard their workers from potential caught between risks. They can do this by ensuring that all equipment is properly covered and maintained and generally make that the working environment is safe for construction workers.

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