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November 2015 Archives

Why 18-wheelers Require A Different Speed Limit

Have you ever been stuck behind a tractor-trailer or big rig and felt frustration at the speed at which they were driving? Did it feel like they were going much slower than all the other cars passing you by? Before you start getting road rage, however, know that if it feels like the trucks are driving at a slower speed, it is probably because they are!

Product Recalls For November 24, 2015

As consumers, you have the right to safe and effective products. You should not have to spend money on an item that can potentially cause you physical harm. At Wyatt Law Firm, we aggressively fight for victims of defective products. That is why we believe you should be informed about the items you purchase. Here are potentially hazardous recalled objects that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) listed. If you own any of these items, we encourage you to return them. If you have been injured because of them, contact our experienced San Antonio product liability attorneys.

Texas' Fracking Boom Impacts The Rise Of Traffic Accident Rate

Texas leads the nation in large vehicle accidents, according to the Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The state actually surpassed California's number. Though Texas saw a reduction in the number of car accidents, it has since risen to lead the country. But why the rise? There are studies that show a distinct correlation between the rise of traffic accidents involving commercial trucks and the fracking boom that started in 2008. The increase in fracking sites caused an increase in the number of trucks that occupied Texas highways, leading to more opportunities of a crash.

Tips For Driving In San Antonio

Driving in San Antonio can be a lovely experience. Whether you are traveling for work, school, or pleasure, there are scenic streets that everyone needs to visit at least once. However, like any street with multiple drivers, there are areas in San Antonio that are highly congested or dangerous. At Wyatt Law Firm, we want you to be safe and prepared when driving. Whether you are a native, recent transplant, or simply visiting San Antonio, we have listed some streets and highways to avoid or drive cautiously on.

Meet The Founder: Attorney Paula Wyatt

The Wyatt Law Firm exists because of Paula Wyatt's unfailing confidence in the legal system. Her passion for the law, her convictions of right and wrong, and her tireless work ethic lead her to fight aggressively for her clients. As the founder of the Wyatt Law Firm, Ltd., Paula takes meticulous care of her clients.

Auto Recalls Issued

You did your research. You spent months looking up every detail about makes and models of cars. You looked up which vehicle offers the best fuel mileage, if it has all-wheel drive, and how safe it is. After double-checking everything, you purchase your car, trusting the manufacturers to provide a high-quality vehicle. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a recall on several for vehicles that might put drivers at risk.

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