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How To Use A Pressure Cooker Safely

Pressure cookers can be very helpful when you do not have a lot of time but want to enjoy a nutritious meal. The device allows you to expedite the cooking process by heating food with pressure. However, if not careful, pressure cookers can cause extensive damage and burns. To help you enjoy your appliance, we have listed some helpful tips to protect you from potential pressure cooker injuries. 


Before using your pressure cooker, make sure the different parts are in good condition. Look at the rubber gasket to make sure it does not have any cracks or holes in it. You should also check the rim of the pot for any dried food, as this can tamper with the sealing function of the lid.


The pressure cooker cooks the content through the liquid. Whether you are cooking with water or stock, make sure there is enough of it to not dry out the contents of the pot. If there is not enough liquid, it can potentially lead to a fire or burn.


Food tends to expand while it cooks, especially things like grains and beans. Make sure to put the adequate ratio of solid food to liquid to make sure the content does not overflow out of the pot. If the cooker is too full, it may block vents, causing a safety hazard.


Pressure cookers can use a lot of heat and pressure to cook the food. That is why you should carefully expel the steam and pressure before removing the lid. Some ways to release pressure include removing the pot from heat and waiting, running the lid under cold water, or using the pot's steam release valve. Always use pot holders when handling the device to avoid burns.


Hot oil can be extremely volatile and should not be used in a pressure cooker. Use only a small amount of oil required in a recipe. If you use more, you run the risk of a fire or melting the gasket.


In order to ensure proper function, make sure to clean your pressure cooker after using it. Wash the gasket and make sure the valves are clear. This way, the heat and content will move appropriately in future uses.

We hope these safety tips help you when you use your pressure cooker. However, if you still sustain a burn injury or accident, we can help. Our defective product attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm have extensive experience representing victims of defective devices. We hold manufacturers accountable for any faulty product they release to the public. To learn your legal rights, call us today at (210) 702-2162 or fill out an online form.

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