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March 2016 Archives

How And Why Products Are Recalled

When consumers buy a product, they expect it to work properly. Manufacturers strive to release a well-created item on the market. Unfortunately, not all defects are apparent during the building stage. Sometimes, issues arise after the public has access to a product. So, what happens when a defective product is sold?

Can I Sue A San Antonio Nightclub?

Many individuals visit nightclubs, bars, lounges, and other social hotspots to have a good time. They go out with their friends expecting to have fun. The last thing someone probably thinks about is if the nightclub is structurally safe. However, if you were injured because of negligence or inaction on the nightclub's part, you can sue for compensation.

Car Defect Endangers Many Lives

A recent investigation conducted by CBS News reveals the dangers of current seat designs in many automobiles. According to the report, many cars have a serious defect when it comes to absorbing impact from a read-end hit. When a car is hit from behind, the front seat collapses back, endangering the passengers sitting behind the driver or front passenger.

Auto Recalls May Affect Your Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a new list of automobiles that manufacturers are recalling. The vehicles display defects that can endanger the drivers and passengers. The NHTSA regularly releases recalled vehicles to protect consumers. A defective car cannot only cause extensive injury, it can potentially cause death.

6 Fire Hazards In Your Home Right Now

A majority of fires take place in the home. These fires can cause serious property damage, injuries, and death. Many individuals may not realize how dangerous their home can currently be. A home can have multiple fire hazards at any given moment. It is important to realize what these dangers are and how you can protect your home.

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