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May 2016 Archives

9 Tips For Your First Call With Insurance Company After An Accident

Getting in an accident is traumatizing enough, but facing the prospect of speaking to an insurance company after may seem like the stressful cherry on top of a terrible cake. No matter how daunting the prospect may seem, communicating with your insurance company after an accident is a vital part of the claims process. With these nine tips, hopefully you'll feel more prepared to tackle the task at hand. 

Get To Know Wyatt Law Firm Through Our Videos

Wyatt Law Firm, Ltd. has made its videos available online at YouTube and Daily Motion! One way to get to know our law firm and its attorneys better is by meeting us in person, but the next best thing is to watch our videos. We have six videos on various subjects, so feel free to watch them by clicking on the links below. 

Kiddy Usa Recalls World Plus Combination Child Restraint Booster Seats

Kiddy USA is recalling World Plus's model 51 100 WP combination forward facing child restraints that convert to a high back booster seat. Manufactured from July 2, 2012 through October 5, 2013, the seat buckle/tongue on the combination child restraint/booster seats may only partially engage which can give users the false impression that the buckle is properly latched. These seats fail to meet the requirements set by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 2013, "Child Restraint Systems," 

What To Do After A Boating Accident

South Texas offers a lot of great boating opportunities, from the Highland Lakes near Austin, TX to places like Mitchell Lake, Calaveras Lake Park, Woodlawn Park, and Braunig Lake Park near San Antonio, TX, all the way down to the Gulf Coast. Boating can be a great way to enjoy a nice day with friends or relax with some fishing gear, but just like operating any kind of motorized vehicle, it's important to understand the risks involved. 

Notice To Oilfield Workers Now Available In Presentation Format!

Wyatt Law Firm's blog "Notice to Oilfield Workers: Know Your WARN Act Rights!" is now available in presentation format! This helpful blog details protections outlined in the WARN Act, a law that protects oilfield workers from unlawful layoffs. According to the WARN Act, oilfield employers must give their employees 60 days' notice before laying them off.

Clothing Fires: Flammability Hazards To Be Aware Of

Burns are traumatic, life-changing injuries. While the safest advice is to avoid fire altogether, that isn't possible for most of us. If you're ever in a situation where fire is a danger, it's important to make sure you've taken as many safety precautions as possible to prevent greater injury. An easy way to do that is to make sure the clothing on your back won't fuel the flames and go up in a flash.

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