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February 2018 Archives

Don't try to move! It may only make matters worse

Would you know what to do if you suffered a back injury in a fall, in a car crash, in a sporting event or from a violent act? As you lay on the ground or floor or sit in your vehicle, your first inclination may be to try to move. That may only worsen any injury you suffered to your spinal cord.

Defective products: Britax sued by CPSC over faulty strollers

Children's products have some of the most stringent safety regulations surrounding them. Parents in Texas and elsewhere around the nation pay close attention when news come out about defective products they may be using for their children. When reports of malfunctions and accidents occur, companies are typically quick to recall the products until the situations are remedied. However, a major manufacturer of various childcare products has refused to issue a recall for one of its items, thus prompting a complaint from a government organization.

Did your pilot pass the fitness checklist?

You may have heard that flying is safer than driving and that the annual number of injuries and fatalities from plane crashes is much lower than the numbers from car accidents. You may also know that there are certain factors that can increase the danger for drivers, passengers and others on Texas highways. A driver can control many of these factors, such as fatigue, distraction and alcohol use.

A spinal cord injury affects more than just your ability to walk

Perhaps you are one of the approximately 17,500 people who suffer a new and life-altering spinal cord injury each year. As you come to terms with your new reality, you more than likely have concerns regarding what this means in terms of your financial situation.

Building fires: Butler apartment complex blaze injures

Millions of Texas residents live in apartment complexes across the state. Many of these facilities have multiple stories to accommodate a larger number of occupants. While the multi-level living arrangement doesn't usually pose a problem, there could be difficulties in evacuating a facility like this when building fires occur. A recent fire at an apartment complex in Butler left several injured after their attempts to escape.

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