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October 2018 Archives

Keyless ignitions pose a serious hazard to vehicle owners

Everyone knows that you need to turn off your car when parked in your home's garage or some other enclosed space. Otherwise, carbon monoxide could build up and cause serious illness or death. What if you thought you turned your car off, but in fact, it continued to run well after you closed your garage door and went inside your home? This is a real danger with keyless ignitions.

Many workplace accidents in the oilfields involve vehicle crashes

Workers on the Texas oil fields might not realize that more than 40 percent fatalities in the oil and gas industry involve motor vehicle accidents. These workers face an endless list of hazards that cause workplace accidents. However, safety authorities say drivers in the oil industry are vulnerable because of the long distances they travel, and their extended work shifts might lead to insufficient sleep and driver fatigue.

Just like workplace accidents, chemical exposure is compensable

Workers in the petrochemical and the oil and gas industries in Texas are typically exposed to multiple safety hazards. Employers must inform employees of all the risks they will face, and although potential workplace accidents involving physical injuries might be covered in safety talks and training, chemical hazards do not always receive the deserved attention. Chemicals can enter workers' bodies in several different ways, and only if they understand the possible routes of entry can they protect themselves.

Are "breakthrough drugs" really worth it?

When you are sick, you want relief fast. You have likely called friends for advice, searched the internet or tried trusted home remedies to ease the symptoms. Moreover, when a loved one is suffering, you may take any risk to find relief for him or her.

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