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December 2018 Archives

Workplace accidents more prevalent in unsafe environments

The unsafe work environments in the meat industry, particularly poultry processing plants, have been frequent subjects of discussion. A recent report indicated that U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro urged the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to launch an investigation into allegations of unsafe conditions for workers at a poultry plant in the Texas city of Bryan. This followed a media report in November about workers who are denied bathroom breaks.

Recognizing symptoms of internal bleeding

Accidents happen unexpectedly and sometimes without you even realizing what is going on. Suddenly a reckless driver plows into your car, a bicyclist strikes you as you stand on the sidewalk or a slick floor causes you to slip and tumble down the stairs in a Texas office building. Any of these and other events can leave you with catastrophic injuries. However, you may not recognize right away how badly you are hurt.

Lawsuit filed over defective products sold to military

Serving in the military is, by nature, a dangerous profession for men and women in Texas or elsewhere around the world. Military personnel undergo rigorous training to protect their countries and to safeguard themselves. They rely on equipment, arsenals and various types of transportation to execute their duties. Despite the training and tools the military has at its disposal, the likelihood of death or serious injury is always looming. A fatal accident that occurred last year due to defective products sold to the military is at the center of a wrongful death lawsuit recently filed in another state.

Don't let the excitement of the holidays set your house on fire

Most people in Texas look forward to the winter holidays for months, anticipating the celebrations and exciting times with family and friends. However, you might not be aware of the unique fire hazards that the holiday festivities present. The U.S. Fire Administration says a significant number of house fires occur during the winter months.

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