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January 2019 Archives

Tired drivers cause more accidents than many realize

There are many reasons why car accidents happen on Texas roads and highways. When you consider these reasons, it is likely that distracted driving and drunk driving top your list. Speeding and dangerous road conditions are also common causes for car accidents, but one you may not think about is fatigued driving. 

Would a hands-free driving law make Texas roads safer?

Distracted driving continues to be an issue that affects the safety of all drivers in Texas. With the rapid growth in technology and the widespread use of cell phones, most people driving have a phone in the car. Many drivers cannot resist the temptation to use their phones while also driving, many believing that they are capable of multitasking safely. 

Workers exposed to higher chance of workplace accidents and more

Texas workers have right to work in an environment that is reasonably safe, no matter what type of job they have or industry they work in. When employers fail in their responsibility to keep workers safe by enforcing safety measures, provide training and take other steps, it can lead to a higher chance of workplace accidents and other types of harm. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently fined a Texas contractor $422,006 for various safety violations.

Escalator injuries occur more often than we think

Although many consumers nowadays tend to do their shopping via e-commerce, many people continue to shop in-store, more specifically, at shopping malls. Many times, in order to navigate South Texas shopping malls, we must use an escalator. Usually, we expect to step on the escalator and have it take us either upwards or downwards to where we need to go. However, more often than we expect, people do not make it all the way up or down the escalator as a result of the equipment failing or malfunctioning. Scenarios where escalators malfunction can lead to injuries and the need to involve a personal injury attorney such as one from the Wyatt Law Firm.

Signs you may have a brain injury

The signs of a brain injury are not always easy to notice. Whether you slipped, fell or were even involved in a motor vehicle collision, the aftermath of an accident can leave you overwhelmed with post-traumatic stress, and you may only notice any injury symptoms much later.

Building fires: Lawsuit filed after fire in condominium complex

Fire safety is of utmost importance to many Texas residents and others around the nation. Homeowners frequently install smoke alarms and have escape plans in place in the event of a fire. Owners of apartment or condominium complexes also often equip their units with sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems and alternate escape routes in the event of building fires. Unfortunately, every dwelling is not adequately equipped with  necessary fire safety measures. A family recently filed a lawsuit against a condominium owners association in another state for the injuries and damages they suffered in a fire at their complex.

Is your furnace threatening your life?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is not only a threat in industrial facilities but also the homes or apartments of Texas residents. It might go unnoticed and mistaken for other illnesses if you and your family members experience low levels of exposure over an extended period. It is not surprising that some people call carbon monoxide the silent killer because it is odorless and colorless. High exposure levels can cause severe health consequences that could result in death.

Report finds contract construction workers among most commonly electrocuted

A recent report published by the National Fire Protection Association found that construction workers under contract are those most commonly affected by accidental death by electrocution. The report uses data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to analyze the frequency of fatal electrical injuries of contract workers.

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from a Remote Starter

As winter is off to a not-so-cold start in South Texas, there is still time for the winter weather to sneak upon us. A winter-wonderland sounds great; however, there are many risks associated with such weather conditions. One of those dangerous risks is carbon monoxide poisoning. No one likes to get inside a brutally cold vehicle, especially those who have the ability to start their vehicles by using a remote control or an app like OnStar. With this ability comes great danger, especially to those who live in homes as they might forget to open their garages before starting their vehicle. When a car is started in a closed garage, the "silent killer" known as carbon monoxide will infiltrate the garage, leading to accidental poisoning when the driver or passenger enters a garage to get into a vehicle.

Has a spinal cord injury robbed you of your earning ability?

Has an auto accident or a fall caused a spinal cord injury that left you with a permanent disability? If so, you might need assistance with even the most routine tasks, and your days of working to earn an income might be over. Catastrophic is an apt description of a spinal cord injury because the consequences such as medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering could be overwhelming.

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