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Did a car accident leave you with brain injuries?

You will likely be as aware as anyone else that car accidents happen at any time, to anyone, regardless of how much care the driver takes. Sharing the busy Texas roads with thousands of other vehicles, many of which are big rigs and other oil-field-related transport, is not for the faint-hearted. Sadly, your compliance with the rules of the road does not guarantee your safety.

Road Construction Accidents: Motorists and Workers

For motorists and workers, road construction zones are perilous places. The state of Texas constantly builds, repairs, and maintains roads. However, construction zones have higher accident rates. For example, Waco law enforcement has already reported accident rate upticks along an I-35 construction project [1]. Yesterday in Dallas, a van flipped in a construction zone, killing one worker and injuring another [2]. Although there are precautions motorists should take and guidelines construction entities must follow to make them as safe as possible, construction zones are still dangerous.

Consumers blame burns on defective products

Consumers may find it extremely annoying when an item they purchased does not perform correctly or as advertised. However, in some situations Texas consumers might have just cause to feel much more than simply annoyed. Defective products can actually cause serious harm to users, most of whom have no idea about a given product's dangerous nature.

Fatal Collisions among Young Adult Drivers

Getting behind the wheel for the first time may feel invigorating, but it comes with enormous risk. Young drivers make up a significant percentage of traffic accident fatalities. Fledgling drivers are already some of the most vulnerable on the road due to their relative inexperience, but other endangering habits and factors can intensify that lack of experience. Consequently, teens and young adults are some of the most susceptible to fatal crashes.

Asleep at the wheel: the dangers of fatigued driving

"You drive lousy when you drive drowsy." Fatigued and drowsy driving is a serious problem in Texas, which sustains some of the highest drowsy driving deaths in the nation. A study conducted by sleepjunkie.org indicates that more than 1 in 5 of national driver fatigue-related fatalities in 2016 occurred in Texas. At Wyatt Law Firm, our personal injury and auto accident lawyers understand how serious this problem is.

Study: Over 1,600 traffic fatalities in major Texas oil regions in single year

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently released a study on 2017 crash statistics in Texas's five primary oil- and gas-producing regions: the year tallied over 194,000 crashes with 7,422 serious injuries and 1,614 deaths. The personal injury lawyers at Wyatt Law Firm, Ltd. have dealt with many automobile and commercial trucking accident cases from this region.

Have I been exposed to carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas well-known among medical professionals for its sinister reputation as a "silent killer." However, average people may not know of its existence let alone understand the threat it presents. San Antonio personal injury and carbon monoxide lawyers at Wyatt Law Firm, Ltd. are well-versed on this topic.

Defective products: Monsanto to pay $2 billion in damages

Springtime in Texas and elsewhere around the country is the season that bring many residents outdoors to work on their lawns. After the winter has passed, most homeowners toil diligently to beautify their lawns and gardens. Pesticides are often used to combat the growth of weeds around their houses. While the use of pesticides is common, one couple filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a popular weed killer after they became ill. A jury recently awarded them more than $2 billion in the defective products case.

Do you know the dangers posed by carbon monoxide?

You and almost everyone in Texas face the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning every day. Your car, water heater, oven and grill are but some of the potential sources of deadly carbon monoxide. Any device that uses charcoal, natural gas, wood, gasoline and other fuels is dangerous if you do not take appropriate precautions because it produces this deadly, invisible and odorless gas.

Defective products: Lawsuit filed against Tesla following crash

Tesla manufactures and sells electric plug-in vehicles that are owned by Texas residents and others across the nation. These cars are touted for their efficiency, low operating costs and positive effects on the environment. Later models of the vehicle feature an Autopilot function which enables self-driving. Although extensive safety testing was certainly conducted, the possibility of defective products still exists. Family members of a man who died in a crash while using the Autopilot feature recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla.

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