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November 2019 Archives

Premises liability: Unknown dangerous dogs could pose danger

Though many people consider their pets like part of the family, animals can still attack and hurt people or other animals. The most common example is when someone's dog attacks and seriously injures someone, which could lead to a needed premises liability claim. Some residents in certain areas of Texas are complaining that they aren't always told about potentially dangerous dogs that may pose a threat to the public. They want lawmakers to step up efforts to inform the public of the possible risks.

Amputation of fingers can mean a drastic life change

Most people do not realize how much they depend on their hands and fingers until an unexpected accident leaves them injured. Being unable to use your hands for a period of time while they recover can be frustrating. You may try to find creative ways to dress or fix yourself some breakfast, but mostly, you may have to rely on others.

Rehabilitation can be a costly necessity after a brain injury

Perhaps few other injuries can change lives as completely as a traumatic brain injury. In addition to the physical toll a brain injury may bring, many victims suffer cognitive and personality changes that affect their loved ones as well. If your loved one is the victim of an act of negligence or recklessness that left him or her with a brain injury, you may have many concerns about what to expect in the future.

Workplace accidents: OSHA issues fine for construction death

When most people go to work, they assume that they will return home at the end of the day. Unfortunately, far too many suffer injuries on the job and some people even lose their lives to workplace accidents. Certain industries present more risk than others, but employers must still follow all safety protocols to ensure that workers avoid harm. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently fined a construction company here in Texas over the death of an employee, after the company apparently failed to maintain a safe work environment.

Has a brain injury affected your memory?

The brain is an amazing and complex organ. In fact, doctors and scientists will admit they have barely begun to tap into the capacity and functions of the brain. As a result, when the brain suffers a traumatic injury, the consequences can be devastating and irreversible.

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