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December 2019 Archives

Fourth-degree burns will change your life

Touching a hot dish or sticking your hands under scalding water can make you recoil in pain. You may end up with a red mark where your skin contacted the heat, but in a day or two, the pain subsides. A small scar may remain, but you may soon forget where the scar came from.

Chemical plant explosions expose many to risks

A recent explosion in a Texas chemical plant has renewed attention to the risks and dangers of working in and living near these industries. Not only is it common for toxic and carcinogenic emissions from these plants to make their way into your water or air, but the highly volatile nature of the chemicals means you may go to bed each night wondering if this will be the night your world will erupt in flames.

Defective products: Listeria outbreak in eggs proves fatal

When food is purchased at a store, consumers trust that it is safe to eat. All too often, that is not the case, as people can be sickened or even die from eating contaminated food. There are instances when the contamination is due to the negligence of the product manufacturer or someone else responsible for the food before it reaches the consumer. One person here in Texas recently died after eating eggs that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say contained listeria. The CDC wants to warn the public about the defective product.

A spinal cord injury may reduce your quality of life

If you have recently suffered a spinal cord injury, you may be concerned about your future. You may be spending many hours wondering what mobility and independence you will still have and which of your favorite activities you will no longer be able to participate in. It may surprise you to know that this is among the many concerns of your medical team as well.

Fatal accidents plague Texas roads

Many agree there are few more beautiful places to live than Texas. However, Texas also has an infamous ranking among states with high fatality rates related to motor vehicle crashes. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists Texas with the second highest number of deaths in traffic accidents per 100,000 residents. An estimated 10 people die each day in Texas traffic accidents. This may be little comfort if your loved one was one of those statistics.

OSHA investigating fatal workplace accident at construction site

When employees go to work, they generally don't think that they might not be coming home. Unfortunately, that happens all too often to workers across the country. When a fatal workplace accident happens, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts an investigation to determine exactly what happened and whether the employer was negligent in any way that may have caused the incident. This is exactly what OSHA representatives are doing after one worker died in a recent trench collapse on a construction site here in Texas.

A shocking number of truckers may be using illegal drugs

Trucks on the highway may be a necessary danger. They transport the goods you and other consumers need, and they keep the American economy sound. Truck drivers have a difficult job. They often get little respect on the road, they spend a great deal of time away from their families, and their work is long and tedious. Nevertheless, this does not provide an excuse for using illegal substances to relieve boredom, stress or fatigue.

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