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Wyatt Law Firm, PLLC., a Texas based law firm, extends our sincerest condolences to the victims and the families of the victims of the oil well blowout in Burleson County, Texas on January 29, 2020. We are here to help and can be reached at 210-255-2231, or 210-340-5502.

Right now, while you are picking up the pieces of your life, trying to understand how this tragedy could happen, the owner of the Burleson well site, Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy, is no doubt at the location “picking up the pieces” of the explosion. It is imperative that you have your own lawyers and investigators present before critical evidence is moved or disposed of from the Burleson County well blowout. Every moment of delay can result in the loss of the proof of what really happened at the explosion site. Our team of lawyers and investigators is ready to move out on a moment’s notice. Again, if you want our team’s help, call us at 210-255-2231, or 210-340-5502.