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Report finds contract construction workers among most commonly electrocuted

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Blog, Fires & Burns, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Workplace Accidents, Wrongful Death

A recent report published by the National Fire Protection Association found that construction workers under contract are those most commonly affected by accidental death by electrocution. The report uses data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to analyze the frequency of fatal electrical injuries of contract workers.

In short, the report found that nearly seven in 10 (68%) of contractors who died because of exposure to electricity worked in construction and extraction occupations. As the data indicate, construction workers account for a substantial share of contract worker deaths from exposure to electricity.

There is usually high pressure on contract workers to complete construction projects under strict time constraints for the purpose of saving money. With the goal of a company wanting to save money comes longer hours and workers may be pressured to work more quickly, both of which can compromise a safe work environment.

Furthermore, cutting corners to complete projects faster may also lead to compromising the safety of individuals who visit a completed project. Evidence of this is shown in Maryland where a 6-year-old girl was electrocuted by an energized, lit handrail at an MGM Resort. The electrical contractors and inspectors were urged to finish their work quickly at the expense of safety.

The Maryland incident emphasizes how company pressure is a particular threat when workers are forced to short-change the deliberate steps involved in ensuring electrical safety.

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