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Bridgestone Trailer Tires Recalled

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Auto Accidents, Defective Products, Product Liability

When you replace old tires with new ones, you expect them to work the way they should. You should not have to worry about their safety, particularly if they are new. However, one tire company sent out notice that their recent tires are not suitable for use.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Bridgestone Americas Tire Operation, LLC, is recalling their batch of FS561 replacement tires, sized 255/0R22.5. These tires were manufactured between January 25, 2015 through January 27, 2016. Reportedly, the tires experience tread separation or detachment because of the friction against the road when driving. Tread separation can be very dangerous and should be handled carefully.

What is tread separation or detachment? It is the dangerous condition when the casing of the tires separates from the main body. Because of the weakened state of the tire, the risk of crashes and blowouts increases. With the Bridgestone tires, the tread separation or detachment occurs when the tires scrub during use.

Currently, the manufacturing company will notify drivers and car dealers who purchased the tires and offer to replace them, free of charge. When the notification is scheduled is still to be determined. If owners have questions or concerns, they can call the following numbers:

  • Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations: 1 (800)-847-3272
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety: 1 (888)-327-4236

At Wyatt Law Firm, we staunchly believe that manufacturers should be held accountable for any defective products that release to the public. It is bad enough if you sustained injuries because of a faulty tire, you should not have to pay for medical bills and auto repair. If you used these Bridgestone tires and were involved in an accident, contact our San Antonio product liability attorneys today. We will aggressively fight on your behalf, to seek the compensation you deserve!