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Car Fires After Accidents

When you sit down in your car, you expect it to work properly. Manufacturers and technicians have an obligation to ensure that the product they sell drivers is safe and thoroughly checked. Automobiles have the capacity to do great things. Travels are faster and more expedient. However, in a similar vein, vehicles have the capacity to do great damage. If a car is not properly created, it can lead to fires. Vehicle fires can be damaging and potentially deadly.

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Causes Of Car Fires

A safe automobile design ensures the driver is protected from undue dangers of a large mechanical device. If not properly assembled or designed, a car can catch on fire, leading to extensive damage and harm.

Common causes of a vehicle fire include:

  • Faulty design of gas tank
  • Side-saddled tank placed outside of car’s frame
  • Misplaced fuel tank
  • Fuel tank malfunction
  • Defective fuel line materials

A majority of cars run on gasoline, which is a highly volatile liquid. Coupled with the heat of an engine and the continuously moving parts of a vehicle, if a fuel line or tank malfunctions, it can lead to pain and damage that should have been prevented. Car fires can occur in normal vehicular usage, but the probability of it happening become higher after a crash. Auto collisions are bad enough; however, they are exponentially worse when the vehicle catches on fire.

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