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Defective Roadway Construction Attorneys

Personal injury litigation involving defective roadways are among the most complex and challenging of motor vehicle accident cases. Typically, insurance companies either try to shift the blame on the accident victim or get the victims to settle for policy limits alone. Municipalities and other entities responsible for constructing and maintaining roads do not readily accept responsibility for these types of accidents.

In addition, plaintiff actions alleging defective highway design and construction can be costly, and many law firms do not have the financial resources, technical resources or advocacy skills needed to pursue these cases.

Wyatt Law Firm is an exception. We have a record of success in complex personal injury litigation and the resources needed to win. Call us at 210-255-2231 for a free consultation.

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What Counts As A Highway Defect?

Some roads seem more dangerous than others, which can be attributed to a number of factors such as design, grade, speed limit, width of the lane, or heaviness of traffic. While many roads might seem dangerous, not all are defective or poorly designed.

Some factors that could make a highway defective and cause motor vehicle accidents include:

  • Inadequate traffic delineators — This can include anything necessary to safely channel or guide traffic, such as cones, reflectors, and lane dividers.
  • Improper speed limit — Speed limits often need to change as the environment changes. For example, more buildings are constructed which can lead to a heavier flow of traffic, which consequently can necessitate a change in the speed limit.
  • Adverse weather conditions — When weather conditions become dangerous for driving, the entity responsible for the road or highway should take appropriate measures to keep drivers and their passengers safe. This might include temporarily closing a road, laying salt, clearing snow, or posting warning signs.
  • Poorly constructed roads — Some roads are inherently dangerous because of poor design, such as roads that don’t have proper drainage. Roads and highways must be carefully engineered and built according to regulations. Improperly or poorly designed roads can cause serious car accidents.
  • Improperly maintained roads — Roads that have potholes, are littered with debris, and are overrun with sign-blocking foliage could qualify as improperly maintained roads.

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