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Five Oilfield Workers Killed In South Texas Accident

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Auto Accidents, Fires & Burns, Wrongful Death | 0 comments

Five were killed last Thursday in a crash with an oil tanker truck. The accident occurred in a South Texas oil fieldwhen a van carrying the five men ran into the tanker truck, which then burst into flames. Police said that the five men who died in the crash worked at the oilfield. Sadly, these accidents are not uncommon in the Eagle Ford Shale area just outside San Antonio.

According to state troopers, a pickup truck was traveling in front of the oil tanker truck when it made a sudden left turn. To avoid the truck, the big rig swerved, lost control, and rolled over. The tanker truck remained on the highway, blocking the flow of traffic.

The two vehicles traveling behind the truck were unable to stop in time to avoid the overturned truck. One of these vehicles contained the five oilfield workers who were killed. The only occupant of the other vehicle was a man who sustained severe burns on 85% of his body. This accident is currently under investigation by state police.

Advocates of hydraulic fracturing say fracking is great for the economy, but it is undoubtedly bad for highway safety. There has been a marked increase in motor vehicle accidents in this area and other shale fields like it due to factors such as:

  • Increased traffic caused by more vehicles on the road
  • An increase in the number of dangerous vehicles on the road, including big rigs, oversized loads, and trucks carrying hazardous materials
  • Tired truckers and other tired drivers due to the demanding schedules that plague most oilfield workers
  • Limited housing for workers, necessitating a commute on these highways

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