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Improvements Aim To Reduce Pedestrian & Bicyclist Deaths In San Antonio

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Auto Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents | 0 comments

The city of San Antonio is taking measures to reduce the number of pedestrians and cyclists that are killedin avoidable traffic accidents.

In recent years, approximately 50 pedestrians and bicyclists have been killed in San Antonio traffic accidents, and now the city is taking action. Officials announced that they would be making improvements to the city’s roads and signs in hopes of preventing these tragic accidents.

These improvements come at a cost, and the city is asking for better funding. The city has also secured the help of new staff members who have extensive experience promoting pedestrian and bicyclist safety in major cities.

In addition to better signs, road improvements, and the help of experienced officials, the city of San Antonio will be focus on educating residents. Many believe that better education can eliminate many of these accidents. Statistically, 36% of pedestrian accidents happened on the freeway and 80% of bicyclist accidents occurred at night.

Another problem the city has identified is senior citizens. Many intersections may not allot enough time for seniors to cross the street and sometimes the elderly can misjudge how long this will take.

The ultimate goal of these changes is to eliminate pedestrian and bicyclist deaths entirely. Wyatt Law Firm has compiled a list of helpful tips drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists alike can use to stay safe on our roads and highways.


As San Antonio aims to become a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly city, drivers should keep in mind the following tips:

  • Always heed the right of way to pedestrians and bicyclists. This may sound trite, but you can never remind yourself of this enough.
  • Always try to make eye contact with pedestrians and bicyclists to acknowledge that you see them and to see if they see your vehicle.
  • Even if you have a green light/right of way, always be on alert for pedestrians or bicyclists that may be crossing the street.


  • Many pedestrian accidents happen on the freeway, which likely results from people exiting their vehicles after an accident, getting a flat tire, etc. If you do need to stop your vehicle on the freeway, make sure you pull to the shoulder, put your hazard lights on, and refrain from exiting your vehicle.
  • Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to cross the street. If you see a vehicle coming in the distance, don’t try to hurry across the street to beat the car (or the crosswalk countdown). It’s easy to overestimate your speed and underestimate a vehicle’s. This is especially true if you’re crossing the street with children, pets, or you are over the age of 65/have an impairment.


  • Bicyclists should always use the designated path if there is one. When there is not, bicyclists must travel with the normal flow of traffic. This necessitates using signals, using turn lanes, and everything else a vehicle is required to do.
  • Many bicycle accidents happen at night or during early morning hours when visibility is low. If you are going to be bicycling during these hours, make sure you and your bike are equipped with the appropriate lights and reflective gear.

Wyatt Law Firm encourages you to be smart, be safe, and contact us if you’ve been involved in this type of accident. Our San Antonio personal injury attorneys are here to help!