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Long-term effects of severe carbon monoxide poisoning

In toxicology, dosage determines the case. In the same way, the severity of a carbon monoxide poisoning depends primarily on a person's exposure to it - the higher the dosage, the worse the poisoning.

Victim sues Aldi over alleged defective products

Going grocery shopping is a routine errand for most people, and shoppers might not even think twice about what they are purchasing. After all, consumers rely on stores and manufacturers to provide only safe and effective products. When people in Texas are seriously injured by dangerous and defective products, they deserve help addressing their injuries.

Supermarket chain Aldi facing defective products lawsuit

Aldi is a popular supermarket chain that originated overseas, yet has numerous locations in Texas and elsewhere around the country. The chain is known for its unconventional methods for keeping costs low, such as not providing bags for groceries and charging a quarter to "rent" a shopping cart. The stores' selection of international and organic items also appeal to a lot of shoppers. Unfortunately, the company is currently facing a defective products lawsuit after a customer was injured after an accident involving items purchased at an Aldi store.

Consumers blame burns on defective products

Consumers may find it extremely annoying when an item they purchased does not perform correctly or as advertised. However, in some situations Texas consumers might have just cause to feel much more than simply annoyed. Defective products can actually cause serious harm to users, most of whom have no idea about a given product's dangerous nature.

Defective products: Monsanto to pay $2 billion in damages

Springtime in Texas and elsewhere around the country is the season that bring many residents outdoors to work on their lawns. After the winter has passed, most homeowners toil diligently to beautify their lawns and gardens. Pesticides are often used to combat the growth of weeds around their houses. While the use of pesticides is common, one couple filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a popular weed killer after they became ill. A jury recently awarded them more than $2 billion in the defective products case.

Defective products: Lawsuit filed against Tesla following crash

Tesla manufactures and sells electric plug-in vehicles that are owned by Texas residents and others across the nation. These cars are touted for their efficiency, low operating costs and positive effects on the environment. Later models of the vehicle feature an Autopilot function which enables self-driving. Although extensive safety testing was certainly conducted, the possibility of defective products still exists. Family members of a man who died in a crash while using the Autopilot feature recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla.

Defective products: Woman, physician file lawsuit after procedure

Many Texas residents and others around the country elect to have various types of elective cosmetic surgeries. Whether for weight reduction or minimizing the effects of aging, there are numerous procedures available. While any of these procedures come with a level of risk, they are nonetheless performed safely on a routine basis every day. However, problems can certainly arise if potentially defective products are being used. A patient and her surgeon have filed a lawsuit with a company they claim led to her injuries following a treatment.

Defective products lawsuits likely coming against Boeing

Air travel is a mode of transportation frequently utilized by Texas residents and others all around the world. Millions travel each day with the expectation of arriving safely at their destinations. However, major plane crashes unfortunately occur and often make the headlines due to the magnitude of the incidents. Two fatal airline crashes have occurred within the past six months, amidst reports of potential safety design flaws. Surviving family members are pondering litigation against the planes' manufacturer regarding their potentially defective products.

Multiple defective products lawsuits filed against 3M

Thousands of men and women from Texas and other parts of the country serve our nation in the various branches of the U.S. armed forces. They risk their lives every day to protect our citizens at home and abroad. Certainly, military personnel rely on different types of equipment, such as earplugs, to safeguard their bodies while on duty. Unfortunately, several veterans have filed defective products lawsuits against a major manufacturer after the faulty earplugs they used apparently led to hearing loss.

SAFD warns of space heater safety to prevent house fires

The personal injury lawyers at the Wyatt Law Firm became aware that within the past week, San Antonio Fire Department responded to numerous calls for house fires which causes were directly related to space heaters. Starting on January 20, 2019, a woman and her two pets were evacuated from a house fire when witnesses called firefighters due to seeing heavy smoke engulfing the living room of the home. Firefighters later discovered that a space heater was the cause of the fire. Another major fire occurred on January 23, 2019, where a space heater place inside an outdoor shed caught fire, killed a dog, and melted off the siding of the flame-engulfed shed. The space heater that was most likely priced at under $100 caused a steep $25,000 worth of damage. Finally, the third of many other space heater fires that have plagued the area ignited just before 6 a.m. on January 28, 2019. A 67-year-old man was killed in a house fire in Southwest Bexar County. Authorities discovered that the fire was likely caused by a space heater. The elderly man died from smoke inhalation, and two other family members who resided in the home suffered from severe burns.

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