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Hydrogen Sulfide: Deadly Toxin Profile

What is it?

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is an extremely toxic gas produced naturally from decaying biomass. Though H2S irritates the throat and eyes, its giveaway quality is its smell: a rank, rotten-egg odor that has earned this gas several nasty nicknames including "sewer gas" and "stink damp."

OSHA investigating fatal workplace accident at construction site

When employees go to work, they generally don't think that they might not be coming home. Unfortunately, that happens all too often to workers across the country. When a fatal workplace accident happens, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts an investigation to determine exactly what happened and whether the employer was negligent in any way that may have caused the incident. This is exactly what OSHA representatives are doing after one worker died in a recent trench collapse on a construction site here in Texas.

Workplace accidents: OSHA issues fine for construction death

When most people go to work, they assume that they will return home at the end of the day. Unfortunately, far too many suffer injuries on the job and some people even lose their lives to workplace accidents. Certain industries present more risk than others, but employers must still follow all safety protocols to ensure that workers avoid harm. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently fined a construction company here in Texas over the death of an employee, after the company apparently failed to maintain a safe work environment.

Falls are preventable workplace accidents

Workers across the nation trust that their employers will do everything possible to keep them safe. Unfortunately, there are times when a company fails to follow proper safety protocol, which can put employees in danger. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has long worked to set guidelines for different industries on how to keep employees safe, both here in Texas and around the country. Recently, it published findings that said one of the most common OSHA citations is a failure to have proper fall prevention. Falls that result in injury or fatality are all-too-common workplace accidents.

Cheap Drilling Mud = Well Failure, or Worse

In January of 2018, a surge of gas ignited and caused an oilfield fire that killed five men on a drilling rig near Quinton, Oklahoma. A following lawsuit alleged the deadly blowout was preventable: Red Mountain Energy, the owner and operator of the well, used a lighter drilling mud than recommended by experts. Why the cheaper mud? It was chosen to impress investors with cut costs.

Hard Hat Area: Dangers of the Rig Floor

Welcome to the rig floor, where more oilfield accidents happen than any other location on the drilling rig. Roughnecks on the rig floor are some of the most prone to injury, positioned next to the moving drillstring, using heavy tongs and fast-moving spinning chains, heaving the slips, and working around the rotary table. Here are some of the major hazards roughnecks and floorhands face when on the rig floor.

The Danger of Catastrophic Well Blowouts

Beneath the crisscrossing latticework of an oil derrick, the threat of catastrophic well failure always looms. Perhaps the most feared of all oilfield accidents is the unanticipated well blowout, which can have catastrophic, deadly consequences.

Canary in the Coal Mine: Professions Prone to Carbon Monoxide Exposure

In the early 1900s, miners carried canary birds into the mines with them as poison testers. At the time, no available instruments could detect carbon monoxide (CO) - a lethal, tasteless, odorless, invisible, flammable gas. However, if the canary stopped singing or perished from CO exposure, miners knew to evacuate. Canaries have since become ingrained in mining culture, even though more sophisticated technology has replaced them as CO detectors. Unfortunately, the same threat of CO in the workplace remains.

Scaffolds most common cause of construction workplace accidents

Workers in the construction industry face a significant number of on-the-job risks, and understandably so. The nature of construction work is dangerous, and hazards such as falling objects, dangerous machinery and more can cause serious harm. This is far from the full extent of hazards, and these types of workplace accidents are dwarfed by a specific type of risk -- scaffold accidents.

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