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Defective products: Ikea criticized for failing to act

Consumers put their trust in companies to sell products that are in line with basic safety standards. While most companies take great care to ensure that what they sell will not harm people, sometimes defective products still make it to the shelves. Texas families may remember how furniture seller Ikea has been accused of selling a dangerous dresser that killed at least eight children when the unit accidentally fell on them. Though the company recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit over one of the fatalities, some critics say Ikea isn't doing enough to protect consumers.

Defective products: CDC reports dozens of deaths due to vaping

When consumers purchase a product, they trust that it is safe for them to use. Since food, drugs and other consumables undergo rigorous testing and are held to certain government standards, people here in Texas may assume that any product that is relatively easy to purchase is also safe, but unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Though most people know that tobacco products aren't completely healthy to consume, they likely think that most tobacco products carry a similar level of risk. However, recent findings by the Centers for Disease Control show that products known as "e-cigarettes" or "vapes" may carry a higher risk and may even be defective products. 

Defective products: Listeria outbreak in eggs proves fatal

When food is purchased at a store, consumers trust that it is safe to eat. All too often, that is not the case, as people can be sickened or even die from eating contaminated food. There are instances when the contamination is due to the negligence of the product manufacturer or someone else responsible for the food before it reaches the consumer. One person here in Texas recently died after eating eggs that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say contained listeria. The CDC wants to warn the public about the defective product.

Defective products can cause serious harm to Texas babies

When parents buy a product for their baby, they probably assume it will be safe to use. Most people in Texas don't buy consumer products and worry about how dangerous they could be, yet defective products can cause serious harm to innocent consumers. Recently, the potential risks of several popular baby products was brought to public attention, specifically popular products used to help babies sleep.

Defective products can have a profound impact on one's life

Riding lawn mowers are owned by many people in Texas and around the nation. A fire that began after one person had mowed his lawn has resulted in a defective products case. A lawsuit brought by the man blames the manufacturer for the fire and the injuries he suffered as a result.

Wheels that Fail: Damaged and Defective Tires

We see them, pass by them, sometimes even dodge them - those frayed rubber tire strips baking on Texas roads and highways. They represent someone's bad day, and, sometimes, they represent someone's last day. In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded over 738 tire-related traffic fatalities. Tire failures, especially violent blowouts, cause thousands of accidents every year, putting even the safest and most vigilant drivers at risk.

Long-term effects of severe carbon monoxide poisoning

In toxicology, dosage determines the case. In the same way, the severity of a carbon monoxide poisoning depends primarily on a person's exposure to it - the higher the dosage, the worse the poisoning.

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