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Resolve To Seek The Compensation You Deserve This New Year

For many individuals, the New Year brings with it a sign of hope, potential, and possibility. As the clock strikes midnight, many people make resolutions to better themselves and make this the best year they have had yet. Unfortunately, not everyone is privileged enough to pursue normal goals and dreams. For some, this year can bring with it much pain and recovery. This is because many are injured in accidents caused by negligence. In a split second, everything can change. Sometimes, getting better might be priority for a person.

5 Reasons To Contact An Attorney Before Speaking With Auto Insurance

When you are involved in a car accident, the initial feelings of fear, frustration, and confusion can overshadow practicality. This is particularly true if you have been injured. Most people comply with the police questions, as they should, as well as following the instructions of their insurance company. However, your insurance company may not always look out for you. They are a business and as such, they are looking to make a profit. Although maybe not your first thought after a car accident, you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney before you speak with your insurance.

Why 18-wheelers Require A Different Speed Limit

Have you ever been stuck behind a tractor-trailer or big rig and felt frustration at the speed at which they were driving? Did it feel like they were going much slower than all the other cars passing you by? Before you start getting road rage, however, know that if it feels like the trucks are driving at a slower speed, it is probably because they are!

Texas' Fracking Boom Impacts The Rise Of Traffic Accident Rate

Texas leads the nation in large vehicle accidents, according to the Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The state actually surpassed California's number. Though Texas saw a reduction in the number of car accidents, it has since risen to lead the country. But why the rise? There are studies that show a distinct correlation between the rise of traffic accidents involving commercial trucks and the fracking boom that started in 2008. The increase in fracking sites caused an increase in the number of trucks that occupied Texas highways, leading to more opportunities of a crash.

Causes Of Truck Accidents: Improper Maintenance

There are a number of potential causes for truck accidents, including improper maintenance. The trucking company has a duty to make sure that their trucks are up to a high standard and quality. Proper maintenance is something that should occur regularly when it comes to these large trucks because they have the potential to cause serious damage if something were to go wrong. Improper maintenance can result in an accident and this is something that is completely preventable.

The Dangers Of Truck Drivers Exceeding Speed Limits

When a trucking company hires a truck driver, they are supposed to ensure that the individual is trained to understand not only the laws of the road, but also the best practices when operating a big rig or 18-wheeler. Truck drivers are expected to uphold a high standard of care and awareness for drivers of passenger vehicles and motorcycles around them. This means that they should follow all laws, especially adhering to the posted speed limits for large trucks.

How Overloaded Big Rigs Can Cause Accidents

Every time a big rig is on the roads, there's already an inherent danger present due to the large size of the truck. The pure weight alone can make it difficult for these trucks to stop in a timely manner or maneuver when a hazard arises. When you combine this with overloaded cargo, it can be that much more dangerous and an accident is more likely to occur. At Wyatt Law Firm, Ltd., our San Antonio truck accident attorneys know how overloading affects big rigs and how it can lead to accidents.

18-wheeler Catches Fire After Collision

On September 28, 2015, an 18-wheeler collided with a truck that was left parked overnight on the side of the road near Loop 410 and Rosa Parks Way on the 5300 block of East Houston Street. The collision caused the 18-wheeler to fly off of the highway. It eventually landed on an embankment and caught fire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trucking Accidents In San Antonio

Trucking accidents can be extremely dangerous and highly jarring. They usually happen unexpectedly and leave both drivers dazed. Often, trucking accidents are not a topic that most individuals think about until they need to. At Wyatt Law Firm, we understand that you have questions about truck accidents and we want to answer them for you. We've listed the top questions that are asked the most, so you can remain informed.

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