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Fatal Collisions among Young Adult Drivers

by | May 28, 2019 | Auto Accidents, Blog, Catastrophic Injuries, Personal Injury, Tips | 0 comments

Getting behind the wheel for the first time may feel invigorating, but it comes with enormous risk. Young drivers make up a significant percentage of traffic accident fatalities. Fledgling drivers are already some of the most vulnerable on the road due to their relative inexperience, but other endangering habits and factors can intensify that lack of experience. Consequently, teens and young adults are some of the most susceptible to fatal crashes.

The figures are startling. The CDC determined that 2,433 teens ages 16-19 were killed in car accidents-an average of six deaths per day-and almost three hundred thousand were injured nationwide in 2016.

The CDC also identifies a few subsets especially susceptible to crashes including 16 year-olds, who have the highest accident statistics of any demographic, and young males, who cause approximately two thirds of traffic accidents.

Numerous factors play into these higher crash rates. Driver inexperience, not wearing a seat belt, driving with passengers, driving at night, driving distracted, driving recklessly, driving while fatigued, and driving while impaired are the leading causes for crashes among teens and young adults. Fatal crashes can result from any of these.

Nevertheless, some of these factors pertain specifically to young adult drivers. For example, younger drivers lack road experience and, sometimes, maturity, which can lead to poor decision-making in multiple areas. Young adult drivers are statistically more likely to speed, follow other vehicles too closely, miscalculate their maneuvers, and underestimate dangers. Even bearing additional passengers comes with statistical risks, especially for teens whose driving is often complicated by other factors already.

There are a lot of measures you can take to prevent causing an accident. Adhering to the rules of the road and driving defensively reduce your risk of getting into an accident. Practicing safe driving techniques and travelling at or below designated speed limits significantly reduce both the likelihood and severity of an accident. Wearing a seatbelt dramatically decreases your chance of getting thrown from the vehicle in the event of an accident and, consequently, increases your chances of survival. Increasing following distance allows for greater reaction time. Not driving while impaired bodes well for overall alertness. Not all motorists follow the rules of the road or take such precautions, however.

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