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How does online shopping increase your risk of a car crash?

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Auto Accidents, Blog

Delivery drivers and commercial truckers keep the American economy moving. Texas roads have thousands of these vehicles driving around on any given day, but the volume of deliveries and commercial traffic surges prior to and during the holiday season.

Grocery stores require shipments of huge amounts of potatoes and frozen turkeys in November, as well as gift wrap, Christmas trees and gift items for the holiday purchasing season. In addition to commercial traffic in the form of large trucks headed out to individual retailers, there are also countless delivery vehicles operating for individual retailers and consumer shipping services.

With the holiday shopping season now well underway, an increase in delivery vehicle traffic and commercial trucks is likely. Some drivers may even have to put in overtime to finish their deliveries. What does that mean for you as a driver in Texas?

Holiday supply shipping and consumer deliveries can lead to crashes

Big commercial trucks, especially those operated by a driver who has had to put in a long shift to make a delivery on time could cause a crash that leaves someone severely hurt, especially on highways.

Surface streets and neighborhoods aren’t much safer. With the increase of people ordering Christmas gifts shipped right to their homes, delivery fleets have struggled to maintain adequate staffing. Sometimes, they have to hire people without adequate experience or without knowledge of a neighborhood.

Lax hiring and training practices could mean that a delivery truck parks in a blind spot or that they pull out aggressively into traffic and cause a crash. You will need to be especially attentive when watching for big commercial trucks and delivery drivers in the upcoming weeks in order to protect yourself from the risks taken by drivers on a tight deadline.

What happens after a trucking or delivery crash?

If you get into a collision caused by a confused or overworked delivery driver or commercial truck, you could suffer tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in losses. Getting help with any insurance claims can help you avoid taking a financial loss because of a crash. Our firm is only a few clicks away from answering questions about your rights.