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Nhtsa Announces 11 New Auto Recall Campaigns

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Auto Accidents, Product Liability | 0 comments

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced 11 new recall campaigns that affect a variety of vehicles, including General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford Motor Company.

Could you be driving a defective vehicle? Thankfully, the NHTSA publicly releases information regarding auto recalls and in many cases, so does the manufacturer. Recently, the NHTSA published information regarding 11 different auto recall campaigns. To find out if you are driving one of the affected vehicles, keep reading.

  • General Motors – 2015 Chevrolets and GMCs
    According to GM, the front driver air bag inflator in these vehicles can be misaligned, which can cause the airbag to deploy incorrectly. This can create a rupture that causes fragments from the steering wheel to fly at passengers.
  • General Motors – 2014 Chevrolets
    In another recall for GM, the auto manufacturer is recalling some of its 2014 Chevys due to an electronic parking break defect. The defect can cause the brakes to remain partially engaged while the vehicle is in motion. This resulting friction could potentially cause a fire.
  • Starcraft RV – 2016 Model Starcraft Recreational Vehicles
    Starcraft is recalling its newest recreational vehicle models because they were equipped with the incorrect tire size.
  • Chrysler – 2003 Dodges
    According to Chrysler, there is a defect with the passenger side front air bag inflators. The defect could cause the airbag to rupture and pose a risk of injury to the passenger.
  • Chrysler – 2005-2010 Chryslers, 2004-2011 Dodges, 2006-2010 Mitsubishis, and 2008-2009 Sterlings
    Chrysler announced an air bag defect with these model and year vehicles, similar to the defects in GM vehicles. People who own these vehicles should check with the manufacturer to see if theirs is affected.
  • BMW North America – 2002-2006 BMWs
    According to BMW, the driver’s side front airbag can rupture and pose a risk of injury.
  • Ford Motor Company – 2005-2014 Fords
    Another air bag rupture related recall.
  • Mitsubishi Motors – 2004-2006 Mitsubishis
    Passenger side front air bag rupture recall.
  • Ford Motor Company – 2004-2006 Fords
    Passenger side front air bag rupture recall.
  • Subaru – 2005 Saabs and 2004-2005 Subarus
    Passenger side front air bag rupture recall.
  • General Motors – 2007-2008 Chevys and 2007-2008 GMCs
    Passenger side front air bag rupture.

As you can see, a majority of these recall campaigns are air bag related. Many manufacturers will be attempting to notify owners of these vehicles so that they can obtain a replacement air bag inflator. If you were involved in an auto accident and were injured by a defect with the air bag deployment, we may be able to help.

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