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NHTSA Releases List of Latest Vehicle Recalls

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Auto Accidents, Class Actions | 0 comments

The NHTSA recently notified consumers of 21 separate recall campaigns involving various manufacturers, makes, and models. The June 22 release identifies Chrysler, Toyota, Porsche and a variety of others as manufacturers. A reason for many of these recalls is a passenger side front airbag inflator that can rupture and pose a risk of injury to occupants. Another reason for many of these recalls is a vent tube that can detach from the Engine Breather. To find out if your vehicle has been included in a recent recall, you can search by model year, make, and model on the NHTSA website.

Auto-related recalls have been reaching numbers of epic proportions as of late, due in large part to Takata’s recall of 34 million vehicles over problems with its airbags. Takata’s recall is the largest auto recall in history as well as one of the largest recalls of any kind of product. Recent data also indicates that auto manufacturers recalled just about four times the amount of cars they sold in 2014.

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