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Two serious accidents happen in Austin

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Auto Accidents

In an earlier blog, we discussed a deadly accident that occurred in Fort Worth recently due to icy weather conditions. Texas motorists in other communities also experienced icy road conditions, and it is believed to be a factor in two serious accidents that occurred in Austin as winter weather rolled through the state.

The two accidents happened in almost the same exact spot on Texas 45 (RM 620). The first was a 26-car pile up in the morning of February 11th. Five people were taken to a nearby hospital, with one seriously injured.

The second accident occurred later that night just down the road, with at least six cars involved in this incident. Three of the individuals involved in this collision were taken to the hospital, but none of the injuries suffered in this crash are believed to be life-threatening.

After the second accident, officials wanted to close this stretch of roadway until weather conditions improved. While crews had attempted to prepare for the storms, the ice has proved to be difficult for them to treat at this time. TxDOT has encouraged people to stay home during these storms due to the number of motor vehicle accidents happening throughout the state.

Icy conditions are some of the most treacherous for motorists because it is often tough to know there is a problem until it is too late. You can be doing everything right – like traveling at a safe rate of speed, giving yourself extra braking time – but because you have no grip, it is impossible to stop your vehicle. Once one collision happens, we see situations like those in Fort Worth and Austin where multiple vehicles become involved because there is simply no way to stop and no way to avoid a crash.

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