18 Wheeler Crash Potentially Caused By Brake Failure

18 Wheeler Crash Potentially Caused By Brake Failure

New evidence reveals that a fatal 18-wheeler accident in California's Bay Area may have been caused by brake failure.

"When he passed me, I figured there was something wrong with the truck. I smelled clutch and brake." This was one witness' explanation of last week's semi-truck crash in Pittsburg, California. According to witnesses and officials, the driver of the big rig was traveling at a high rate of speed when he apparently lost control and crashed into a restaurant. The truck driver was killed in the collision.

Multiple witnesses stated what they saw, and their stories all seemed to agree on a major point - that the accident could have been much worse if not for the truck driver's skilled maneuvering. Another indicator that something was wrong was that the truck driver flashed his headlights when he started to veer off the road. In the process of hitting the building, the semi-truck carrying two gravel-filled trailers hit two other cars that were stopped at a red light.

Fortunately, the restaurant was not open yet. There were three workers inside at the time but none of them were injured even though the truck ignited upon impact.

So whose fault is brake failure? When it comes to commercial trucks and big rigs, trucks are required by both state and federal law to be adequately maintained. In the event of brake failure, this could mean that the trucking company is liable for the incident. Consider a truck accident that took place in Reno, Nevada back in 2011.

After a thorough investigation of the collision involving a tractor-trailer and an Amtrak passenger train, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) declared that the accident was in part caused by shoddy maintenance on the truck's brakes and that the responsibility fell on the trucking company's shoulders.

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