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Drowsy truck drivers pose a significant hazard

Most people find themselves unable to sleep now and then. You may have had something to eat at dinner that did not agree with you and subsequently kept you awake, or you may have worries over an important project at work that prevents you from sleeping. Whatever the reason, you have undoubtedly felt the effects of lack of sleep the next day.

While sleeping troubles may not cause you any issue that a couple of cups of coffee cannot fix, you may face serious risks if you or another driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while drowsy or fatigued. In particular, if a commercial truck driver experiences sleeping issues, that person puts everyone on the road at risk for serious injuries.

Heavy equipment causes many severe workplace accidents

Construction workers in San Antonio and across Texas face an endless list of safety hazards, many of which are life-threatening. Safety authorities say some of the most significant workplace accidents involve bulldozers, cranes, front loaders, excavators, dump trucks and other heavy equipment. It is not only the operators that risk severe injuries, but also those who work around these massive machines.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration underscores two major heavy equipment threats. A significant percentage of fatalities on construction sites involve struck-by incidents that happen when heavy equipment strikes ground personnel. An example is a worker being hit by a swinging excavator bucket. It is crucial for operators of trucks, cranes and excavation equipment not to lose sight of workers at ground level.

Fire displaces five San Antonio apartment residents

On April 12, 2019, the Personal Injury Lawyers at the Wyatt Law Firm discovered that five people at the Newcome Park Apartments were displaced from their home as a result of a fire that occurred overnight on April 12, 2019. The Personal Injury Lawyers and Carbon Monoxide Lawyers at the Wyatt Law Firm were informed that the fire began in the attic just above the top floor of one of the apartments. Fire officials reported that everyone was evacuated safely from the building but that two people had to be treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.

Pain remains a concern for victims of spinal cord injuries

Before suffering from a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may have assumed that people who experience paralysis as a result do not feel pain below the site of the injury.

You may already know now that isn't always true. You can still experience pain that requires medical attention. While you may need care for other issues regarding your condition, managing your pain becomes a priority for you.

2018 pedestrian deaths reach a 28-year high. Are SUVs to blame?

They say walking is one of the healthiest ways to exercise. What they don't tell you is that it can also be one of the most dangerous.

Anytime a pedestrian is around motor vehicles, the risk of injury rises dramatically. In fact, in 2018, the number of people who died while walking increased so much that it reached a 28-year high.

Alcohol-involved crashes increase by nearly 20% during San Antonio's Fiesta celebration

Fiesta is right around the corner as San Antonians have started collecting medals to pin to their sashes at the more than 100 events happening throughout the city for the 11-day food, booze, and fun-filled affair.

Defective products: Woman, physician file lawsuit after procedure

Many Texas residents and others around the country elect to have various types of elective cosmetic surgeries. Whether for weight reduction or minimizing the effects of aging, there are numerous procedures available. While any of these procedures come with a level of risk, they are nonetheless performed safely on a routine basis every day. However, problems can certainly arise if potentially defective products are being used. A patient and her surgeon have filed a lawsuit with a company they claim led to her injuries following a treatment.

In 2013, a woman in another state elected to have a cellulite removal treatment at a plastic surgeon's office. The physician used a new laser procedure from Cynosure, a major aesthetic and medical treatment company, called Cellulaze. The woman reportedly suffered swelling, chronic pain and skin deformities following the treatment. The plastic surgeon was led to believe that the treatment had received FDA approval; however, this was not the case. Instead, the company had only FDA clearance at the time.

Boating season will be back before you know it -- stay safe

Temperatures are rising here in Texas. If part of your warm-weather plans include getting out on a boat, you may be counting the days until you can do just that. 

After months of not being able to get out on a boat, you could benefit from a refresher regarding your safety while on board. People tend to forget that boats are vehicles, and they require the same attention and respect as their roadworthy ones.

Defective products lawsuits likely coming against Boeing

Air travel is a mode of transportation frequently utilized by Texas residents and others all around the world. Millions travel each day with the expectation of arriving safely at their destinations. However, major plane crashes unfortunately occur and often make the headlines due to the magnitude of the incidents. Two fatal airline crashes have occurred within the past six months, amidst reports of potential safety design flaws. Surviving family members are pondering litigation against the planes' manufacturer regarding their potentially defective products.

Investigations are continuing after crashes involving two Boeing 737 Max jets. A flight in October 2018 claimed the lives of 189 people, while another 157 passengers were killed earlier this month on another flight. There is speculation that there were flaws in the planes' new flight control systems. Legal experts believe that family members will have a strong claim against Boeing.

These car accident injuries could happen to you

Like most Texans, you expected your day to be routine. You left your home for work, errands or for some other reason expecting that you would complete your daily tasks and return home safe. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Somewhere along the way, another driver made a critical error and caused a car accident in which you were involved. When your vehicle came to a rest, you may have thought that you came out of the situation unscathed, but you realized either immediately or in the hours and days following the crash that you suffered injuries.

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