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Breathing problems for spinal cord injury victims

A spinal cord injury is a life-changing event. While research is constantly exploring new ways for victims of these injuries to regenerate nerves or regain some mobility, so far there is no cure for a spinal cord injury.

The higher on the spine the injury occurs, the greater the suffering and loss of function. If a catastrophic incident left a loved one an injury at vertebrae C-5 or higher, they would likely  face a lifetime of paralysis. It is also highly probable they would need a mechanical ventilator to assist with breathing.

What is a pop-off valve? How does it protect pipeline workers?

The pop-off valve might not receive the same recognition as the battered hard hat, the treaded rubber boot, or the leather work glove, but it is still one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in the oil and gas industry. Also called a "pressure relief valve," it saves pipes and, most importantly, oil and gas workers' lives. Pipelines under too much pressure practically become underground bombs, but this device counters the kaboom by acting like an automatic diffuser.

Swimming pool accident deaths in Texas

It's another hot summer in Texas, which means swimmers are cannon-balling into pools all over the Lone Star State. It's also the season for fatal swimming pool accidents. As with most accidents, prevention is the best cure: adults and children should learn about swim safety, and pool owners should maintain safe premises. Too often, however, people only take pool accidents into account once one has already happened.

Supermarket chain Aldi facing defective products lawsuit

Aldi is a popular supermarket chain that originated overseas, yet has numerous locations in Texas and elsewhere around the country. The chain is known for its unconventional methods for keeping costs low, such as not providing bags for groceries and charging a quarter to "rent" a shopping cart. The stores' selection of international and organic items also appeal to a lot of shoppers. Unfortunately, the company is currently facing a defective products lawsuit after a customer was injured after an accident involving items purchased at an Aldi store.

A woman in another state reportedly purchased turkey burgers from the frozen foods section in her local Aldi location in Aug. 2018. In her complaint, she stated that she precisely followed the cooking instructions printed on the package. However, when the cooking process started, one of the burgers exploded. The woman suffered second-degree burns on her hands and forearms. The lawsuit also reflects that she has been left with permanent scarring from the accident.

Texas oilfield accidents: the truth about statistics and settlements

Fatal and injurious oilfield accidents in Texas are all too common. In fact, the oil and gas industry has some of the highest rates of work-related accidents. Big oil companies and lobbies like the American Petroleum Institute (API) dispute the federal statistics, asserting that the industry has low rates of injury compared to other occupations.

Boeing beset by lawsuits in wake of fatal 737 Max crashes

Boeing is facing numerous lawsuits, investigations, and huge losses after two of its 737 Max airplanes crashed within a five-month span. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded Boeing 737-8 and 737-9 airplanes immediately following an Ethiopian Airlines crash this past March. Boeing is still investigating and repairing a faulty system deemed responsible. Several airlines have recently announced mass cancellations of Boeing 737 Max flights for upcoming months.

What life may look like after a serious brain injury

Recovering from a serious traumatic brain injury isn't easy. The recovery can be long, painful and arduous. You may have to relearn certain things, such as speaking, walking, writing and more, depending on the area of your brain that suffered the injury.

Even though you fought back and regained much of yourself, you could suffer lingering effects that could last the rest of your life. You may be through the worst of it, but you will more than likely face some challenges going forward.

Texas dram shop laws: When is an alcohol provider responsible?

Dram shop laws, also known as social host liability laws, hold alcohol providers partially responsible for the actions of drunken recipients in certain situations. Dram shop laws for Texas are outlined in the Alcoholic Beverage Code.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills Local Family

The personal injury lawyers at the Wyatt Law Firm extend our sincerest condolences to the Cavazos family. We are so sorry to hear of the sudden loss of Mr. Cavazos and his two daughters, found dead in their home Monday evening.

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