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Why are there so many truck accidents?

If you travel on any Texas highway, you are often competing for space with behemoth trucks such as tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. Over three million truckers work in the U.S., and at certain times of day, you may feel you cannot avoid them. Like many drivers, your instinct may be to clutch the wheel tightly and hold your breath as a massive truck speeds past.

While the number of fatal car crashes seems to be on the decline, the rate of deadly truck accidents continues to rise. Investigating the cause of a commercial vehicle accident can be complicated since there are often more factors to consider than simple driver error.

Wild Ride: The Perils of Oilfield Trucking

Oil and gas operations have recently revved up the Texas economy and created new jobs, including thousands of jobs in oilfield trucking. With peak salaries ranging from $70k-$110k a year, many are enticed to join the industry. However, oilfield trucking is not normal trucking, and truck drivers sometimes end up with a wilder ride than they expected.

Excessive heat in the workplace may result in premises liability

Summertime is a time for being outdoors and enjoying the summer weather with friends and family. While one may enjoy the heat outside, the heat can be uncomfortable and dangerous inside if the space is not climate controlled. An un-airconditioned warehouse in Texas was excessively warm and may have contributed to the death of an employee recently in a possible premises liability case.

The man was a 34-year-old with a history of heart disease and diabetes. The coroner's report indicated that he died of heart disease. The family initially accepted that the death had been a tragic accident until they found out that he had not felt well prior to collapsing and had requested to leave. His supervisor denied the request and stated it was because the facility was behind.

131 Fraudulent Oilfield Violations this Quarter, according to TX RR Commission

Recent data from the Texas Railroad Commission logs that Texas oil and gas operations received a stunning 131 violations for TNRC 91.143 in Quarter 3 of the 2019 fiscal year. TNRC 91.143 prohibits oil and gas operators from tampering with gauges and from falsifying, simulating, or knowingly inputting incorrect material on applications, reports, and other documents.

The Danger of Catastrophic Well Blowouts

Beneath the crisscrossing latticework of an oil derrick, the threat of catastrophic well failure always looms. Perhaps the most feared of all oilfield accidents is the unanticipated well blowout, which can have catastrophic, deadly consequences.

Caution: Hazardous Haste in the Oilfields

On a 100-degree Texas afternoon, oilfield workers prepare a derrick for normal drilling operation. Few average people consider that they are digging up matter that could someday become neon nail polish, refined jet fuel, or a plastic storage bin. Even fewer average people consider what oilfield workers face when an oilfield accident happens on the rig, resulting in catastrophic injury or even wrongful death.

CO poisoning: Is my car's exhaust system dangerous?

Hiding beneath our vehicles, our exhaust systems keep a low profile, but they are extremely important. They funnel away the dangerous gases produced during engine combustion. A broken exhaust system poses extreme danger because it releases carbon monoxide (CO) - an odorless, tasteless, highly toxic gas - which can travel into the passenger area and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Why should you care? CO poisoning can be debilitating or even deadly.

A traumatic brain injury can cause personality change

A direct blow to the head, or even the whiplash action of a car crash, can cause brain damage. Many people who survive a head trauma accident feel lucky that they did not lose the ability to read and write and perform basic tasks. They are eager to resume their lives.

But brain damage manifests in many ways. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) victim who has no physical side effects or cognitive deficits may seem like … a different person to you. Psychological problems and even a dramatic change in personality are not uncommon with TBI. That person needs medical help and deserves compensation, the same as a TBI victim who has blurred vision or chronic headaches.

Auto Recalls of the Week

We like to imagine new cars as flawless and safe, but not even cars rolling off the assembly line are perfect. Cars constantly get recalled for problems and defects, some of which threaten to cause accidents.

Wheels that Fail: Damaged and Defective Tires

We see them, pass by them, sometimes even dodge them - those frayed rubber tire strips baking on Texas roads and highways. They represent someone's bad day, and, sometimes, they represent someone's last day. In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded over 738 tire-related traffic fatalities. Tire failures, especially violent blowouts, cause thousands of accidents every year, putting even the safest and most vigilant drivers at risk.

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