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Many workplace accidents in the oilfields involve vehicle crashes

Workers on the Texas oil fields might not realize that more than 40 percent fatalities in the oil and gas industry involve motor vehicle accidents. These workers face an endless list of hazards that cause workplace accidents. However, safety authorities say drivers in the oil industry are vulnerable because of the long distances they travel, and their extended work shifts might lead to insufficient sleep and driver fatigue.

State and federal safety authorities hold employers responsible for the safety and health of oil and gas workers. They suggest employers put in place policies and programs to manage fatigue. Limiting the hours and distances drivers operate their vehicles per day might also prevent crashes, and working out a schedule that will ensure rested drivers are available to transport exhausted workers from remote locations when their shifts end.

Just like workplace accidents, chemical exposure is compensable

Workers in the petrochemical and the oil and gas industries in Texas are typically exposed to multiple safety hazards. Employers must inform employees of all the risks they will face, and although potential workplace accidents involving physical injuries might be covered in safety talks and training, chemical hazards do not always receive the deserved attention. Chemicals can enter workers' bodies in several different ways, and only if they understand the possible routes of entry can they protect themselves.

The most common manner of entry is through inhalation, which could leave deposits in the worker's respiratory tract and it could even enter the lungs and cause tissue destruction. Another entry route is absorption through the eyes and the skin. Chemicals gaining access through the skin could enter the bloodstream and start a systematic course of damaging organs. Entry through the eyes can cause anything from redness and watery eyes to blindness.

Are "breakthrough drugs" really worth it?

When you are sick, you want relief fast. You have likely called friends for advice, searched the internet or tried trusted home remedies to ease the symptoms. Moreover, when a loved one is suffering, you may take any risk to find relief for him or her.

In fact, that is what you may be doing if your loved one is suffering from Parkinson's disease, cancer or another life-threatening condition. That is because the Food and Drug Administration - the government agency that approves the safety of new drugs and medical devices - often fast-tracks new medications through the approval process, especially if they are designed to treat serious conditions where few options exist.

Avoiding wrong-way drivers

It seems as though the frequency of news stories involving wrong-way drivers has increased in recent years. For one reason or another, motorists often end up traveling the wrong way on highways. Others are moving into the oncoming lane of traffic on a two-lane road.

All of these drivers heading right into oncoming traffic cause severe and deadly accidents. It may be difficult to imagine anything quite as frightening as a pair of headlights heading right toward your car at an undetermined rate of speed. Would you know what to do?

A paralyzing injury often brings agonizing pain

If a devastating motor vehicle accident left you with a catastrophic spinal cord injury, your paralysis may be just one of many issues you are facing. You are likely learning new ways to accomplish tasks that were once routine, and you may be discovering methods of coping with the frustration you are feeling. Undoubtedly, your family is sharing your struggle, and it may seem altogether unfair to you that so many are suffering because of the carelessness of another driver.

Perhaps the most demoralizing issue you deal with daily is pain. While pain is a signal your body sends that something needs attention, chronic pain that accompanies paralysis is unique because it may be the only sensation you feel in certain parts of your body since your injury. This neuropathic pain can be difficult to manage without the assistance of medical specialists.

Defective products lawsuit filed against Bristol-Myers

Abilify is a prescription medicine that is used by many Texas residents and others around the country in treatment of numerous mental illnesses, such as depression and schizophrenia. It is also prescribed to combat certain symptoms of autism. Unfortunately, the use of the drug led to various unexpected behaviors in some of its consumers. Some residents of another state recently filed a defective products lawsuit against Bristol-Myers, the manufacturer of Abilify, claiming that it did not disclose that certain behaviors may result from taking the drug.

The complaint stated that use of the drug resulted in compulsive behaviors, such as shopping, gambling or hyper-sexuality. Because of such behaviors, consumers of the drug experienced numerous physical, mental and financial damages. Those filing the lawsuit claimed that the defendants did not provide sufficient warnings about the drug. The drug's manufacture and sales continued without warnings to those who prescribed, purchased or used it.

Did FDA actions lead to Bayer removing Essure from U.S. market?

More than likely, Bayer, the Food and Drug Administration, and doctors all had high hopes for Essure, a non-surgical, permanent method of birth control after its release into the U.S. market back in 2002. The device promised to allow women to never again worry about pregnancy without undergoing surgery, which was the only other way to achieve the same promised results.

Sadly, the device failed to live up to the manufacturer's promises. Women began lodging complaints with the FDA, and now, approximately three years after the agency began taking decisive action to protect consumers, Bayer announced recently that it would discontinue selling Essure here in the United States on Dec. 31, 2018. Even though many advocacy groups believe this is a step in the right direction, it probably won't let the company off the hook for the harm done to at least tens of thousands of women across the country.

If you have suffered harm as the result of using Essure, you may be eligible for compensation. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn about your legal options.

Ways to prevent most common type of workplace accidents

Employees at businesses in Texas and in all other states go to their jobs each day with the expectation that they will have a safe working environment. The majority of companies have extensive safety manuals and accident prevention programs in place. Employees are required to follow proper procedures on how to safely perform their duties and how to operate potentially hazardous equipment. However, on-the-job accidents still occur, no matter what size or type of industry. Safety experts have cited the most common types of workplace accidents and some suggestions on how to prevent them.

The most common types of workplace accidents are slips and falls, making them account for the most workers' compensation claims. Substances on floors, poor lighting and clutter are just a few of the scenarios that could lead to slips and falls in work areas. To prevent them, experts recommend proper housekeeping of the area and appropriate footwear.

Did your loved one die in a car accident? You may have a case.

Texas families that are mourning the loss of a loved one after a fatal accident understand that it can affect them in many ways. From the grief associated with an unexpected loss to the financial expenses related to the crash, the aftermath of a fatal accident can be overwhelming. For some grieving families, however, there are certain legal options available.

Depending on the circumstances of your loved one's accident, you could have grounds for a wrongful death claim. Of course, this cannot reverse the losses you experienced and bring your loved one back, but it can help you recover compensation. It may be helpful for your family to get a better understanding of the legal options available.

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