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Stabilizing your loved one after a spinal cord injury

If your loved one has recently suffered a spinal cord injury, you may not be getting the answers you need. In fact, the medical team may be so busy attending to your loved one's care that they do not have the time to stop and update you on what is happening.

Like many family members dealing with an injured loved one, you may feel that not knowing anything is worse than knowing the bad news. The truth is that if your loved one suffered a spinal injury, there is a good chance the injury will result in partial or total paralysis. What doctors focus on in those early moments and hours is preventing further damage and ensuring your loved one is stabilized.

Building fires: Father injured saving kids

Fires can start for numerous reasons, but they all leave devastation behind them. It is the type of disaster that can change a family's life forever as they deal with the aftermath of injuries, property loss or even the death of loved ones. When building fires happen because of someone else's carelessness, they may be especially upsetting since they could be avoided. This is what several families are going through here in Texas after an apartment fire displaced numerous families and injured a father and his children as they attempted to escape the blaze.

Authorities say that the fire started on a recent early morning in an apartment block. They think it was the result of unattended cooking and so far do not believe that it was intentionally set. It broke out in a first-floor apartment that sustained significant damage in the tragedy.

E-cigs connected to deadly lung disease

Whether you have smoked for years or never smoked at all, vaping may have seemed like an attractive alternative. You can enjoy the experience of smoking, add flavorful oils and decrease your nicotine intake gradually if you choose to stop smoking. Unfortunately, this has not been the experience for many who try electronic cigarettes.

With little government oversight, the vaping industry, and particularly Juul Labs, seems to have targeted young consumers, including teens. Many parents have been concerned that their kids have taken up vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. However, agents at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are urging consumers to stop using all e-cigarettes while they conduct an investigation into potential product defects that may be causing illness across the country.

Infections, sepsis are complications of spinal cord injuries

Whether someone’s injury resulted from a motor vehicle collision, a Texas workplace accident or a fall due to someone else's negligence, the diagnosis of a spinal cord injury may have seemed like the end of the world. In fact, when they realize the full scope of their injury, they may have wondered how they would ever get through this nightmare.

Difficult as it may be to believe, in the days and weeks immediately following a devastating spinal cord injury, they do have the potential to live a full and rewarding life in spite of their physical limitations. With quality medical care and persistent therapy, they can discover a richness in their life they never imagined. However, it is crucial that they keep their body as healthy as possible, and that includes avoiding infections that can turn septic.

Falls are preventable workplace accidents

Workers across the nation trust that their employers will do everything possible to keep them safe. Unfortunately, there are times when a company fails to follow proper safety protocol, which can put employees in danger. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has long worked to set guidelines for different industries on how to keep employees safe, both here in Texas and around the country. Recently, it published findings that said one of the most common OSHA citations is a failure to have proper fall prevention. Falls that result in injury or fatality are all-too-common workplace accidents.

Last year, OSHA cited around 15,400 fall protection violations. Even in a general industry job, fall protection is required for workers who could fall from a height of only 4 feet. Falls and other workplace accidents can cost companies a great deal of money. The National Safety Council estimates that U.S. companies pay nearly $1 billion each week for workers' compensation.

Going home from the hospital after suffering burn injuries

Suffering severe burns in a fire or explosion results in a drastic change in the life of burn victims and the lives of their loved ones, perhaps for years into the future. Depending on the extent of injuries, serious burns commonly involve weeks or months in the hospital, perhaps substantially longer for the most severe cases.

What happens when doctors prepare to discharge burn victims to go home or to a rehabilitation center to continue recovery. Unlike many other injuries, burns may take years and numerous painful surgeries to heal. Even then, the person may be left with disfiguring scars and ongoing complications as scar tissue develops over the wounds. You may be wondering what to expect in the months following release from the hospital.

Building fires: 6 families displaced in apartment fire

Living in an apartment is often the best choice for a family, but it can come with added risks. For example, if there is a fire, many apartments are not adequately prepared for such a potentially catastrophic event. Building fires like that can affect multiple families. This is what six Texas families are having to deal with after a recent fire in their apartment complex.

Authorities say that the fire broke out on a recent late evening at an apartment with several units. When first responders arrived, the second floor of the building was on fire. Reportedly, the blaze started on one of the balconies and spread to other units. The responding fire chief said that the fire stretched across the attic of the apartment and that two chimneys are in a position to potentially collapse.

Defective products can have a profound impact on one's life

Riding lawn mowers are owned by many people in Texas and around the nation. A fire that began after one person had mowed his lawn has resulted in a defective products case. A lawsuit brought by the man blames the manufacturer for the fire and the injuries he suffered as a result.

He had finished mowing the lawn and returned his tractor to the shed. After turning off the tractor, he closed the doors to the shed and began to walk away. A short time later, he noticed smoke coming from the vicinity of the shed. He went to investigate and was engulfed in flames after he opened the shed door. The injured man, who is a firefighter, received severe burns.

Cheap Drilling Mud = Well Failure, or Worse

In January of 2018, a surge of gas ignited and caused an oilfield fire that killed five men on a drilling rig near Quinton, Oklahoma. A following lawsuit alleged the deadly blowout was preventable: Red Mountain Energy, the owner and operator of the well, used a lighter drilling mud than recommended by experts. Why the cheaper mud? It was chosen to impress investors with cut costs.

Shady Hiring and Training Practices in Drilling

You - standing in fire-retardant overalls with steel-toed boots, gloves, eye protection, a hard hat, and a shovel - listen carefully on your first day as the manager explains your job and watch as some seasoned guys demonstrate: is that training? Not by authoritative standards.

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