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18-wheeler made an illegal U-turn in front of oncoming traffic.


18-WHEELER incident

18-wheeler made an illegal U-turn in front of oncoming traffic.

Plaintiff was traveling southbound in his tractor-trailer combination on a highway.

As Plaintiff approached an intersection, Defendant, who was driving his own tractor-trailer combination in an eastbound direction, entered the intersection and attempted to make an illegal U-turn so that he could head in a westbound direction.

The vehicles collided causing Plaintiff to suffer life-altering injuries.

10.25 Million Wrongful Death Case


Wrongful Death

Plaintiff was rear-ended at highway speeds by a large truck due to distracted driving.

Plaintiff was driving on a highway when the truck of the Defendant crashed into Plaintiff’s vehicle at highway speeds. When the crash occurred, Plaintiff was at a complete stop due to an ongoing construction project. Plaintiff sustained catastrophic injuries in the crash, ultimately dying from the accident.

Oil Field blowout Case Result


oil-field blowout

Plaintiffs were working on rig when it blew-out.

Plaintiffs were pulling and scanning pipe on a well platform when trapped pressure was released and a “blowout” occurred causing a highly pressurized spray of sand and fluid to hit Plaintiffs with about 2,000 pounds of force.

The blast had such force that it pushed one Plaintiff off the platform causing him to fall 12 to 17 feet. The other Plaintiff was blown by the blast into a corner of the platform. Both Plaintiffs suffered debilitating injuries.

4.215 Million Carbon Monoxide Incident


Carbon Monoxide Incident

Plaintiffs were exposed to carbon monoxide at a hotel.

Plaintiffs were staying in a hotel and exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The dangerous gas spread from the hotel’s boiler room to their room. Because of their exposure to hazardous levels of carbon monoxide, Plaintiffs suffered permanent injuries.

3.9 Million Oil-Field Explosion


Oil-Field Explosion

Plaintiff was working when a condensate tank caught fire.

Plaintiff drove his tractor and tank trailer to a loading area to load condensate into his tank trailer. Plaintiff was loading in an area that was not properly ventilated. Defendants were pumping highly volatile, high-pressure condensate to the tank battery where Plaintiff was loading. The flammable vapors which had accumulated in the loading area ignited causing an explosion.

2.4 Million 18-Wheeler Accident


18-Wheeler Incident

18-wheeler made an improper turn in front of oncoming traffic.

Plaintiff was traveling down a highway in a truck. As Plaintiff approached the intersection, he came to a stop behind several vehicles and a tractor. Defendant attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the tractor-trailer. As a result, Defendant collided into Plaintiff’s vehicle causing multiple injuries.

1.375 Million 18 -Wheeler Incident


18-Wheeler Incident

Plaintiff was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler.

Plaintiff was a Sheriff’s Officer responding to a collision when he was violently rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. Plaintiff sustained injuries to the left side of the head, neck pain, and back pain.

1.3 Million Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident


Largest Settlement in Kendall County

Plaintiff was rear-ended by a large pickup truck.

Plaintiff stopped behind several vehicles, waiting to turn into a private drive. Due to driver inattention, Defendant struck Plaintiff. This caused Plaintiff to strike a large dually vehicle in front of her. Plaintiff required back surgery and neck surgery to treat her injuries.


18-WHEELER incident

Illegal U-turn in front of oncoming traffic.


Premises Liability

Victims Suffered Burn Injuries in Apartment


Defective Vehicle Tire And Vehicle

Wrongful Death and Brain Injury


Defective Tractor/ Trailer Fuel Tank

Wrongful Death


Defective Helmet

Victim Suffered Brain Injury


18 Wheeler – Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death


Defective Tires

Clients Suffered Personal Injury and Wrongful Death


Defective Fan

Burns to a Minor Child


Oil-field blowout

Plaintiffs were working on rig when it blew-out.


18 Wheeler Accident

Wrongful Death


Defective Smoke Detector

Victims Suffered Wrongful Death and Personal Injury


Defective Smoke Detector/ Receptacle

Victim Suffered Brain Injury


Industrial Accident

Client Suffered Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Fusion


Defective Automobile Tire

Wrongful Death


Defective Fan

Wrongful Death and Burn Injuries to a Minor


Defective Vehicle

Wrongful Death


Industrial Negligence Against Employer

Victims Suffered Personal Injury and Wrongful Death


Carbon Monoxide Exposure In Hotel

Clients Suffered Brain Injury


Defective Christmas Tree

Client Sustained Burn Injuries


Oil Field Negligence

Client Sustained Head Injury


Defective Vehicle

Wrongful Death