220,000 Fords Recalled For Door Handle, Vacuum Pump, And Sensor Defects

220,000 Fords Recalled For Door Handle, Vacuum Pump, And Sensor Defects

Ford recently announced a recall of thousands of its vehicles in North America for three separate defects.

This Wednesday, Ford Motor announced that it would be recalling 220,000 of its vehicles over potential door handle, vacuum pump, and sensor defects. Ford, the second largest auto manufacturer in the United States, announced that a bulk of the recalls involved door handles on Ford Explorers and Ford Police Interceptors. There have been no reported injuries or accidents associated with this issue.

Nearly two thousand vehicles are being recalled over vacuum pump issues. The 1,725 vehicles with this issue are Lincoln MKT limo and hearse vehicles manufactured from 2013 to 2015. While Ford said it had not received report of any accidents or injuries, it did receive reports of two separate vehicle fires potentially linked to the vacuum pump.

Another 6,472 vehicles are being recalled because of an issue with the exhaust gas temperature sensor. The vehicles included in this recall are primarily 2011-2013 F-Series Super Duty ambulance vehicles. Ford stated that it was not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by the sensor defect.

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