6 Fire Hazards In Your Home Right Now

6 Fire Hazards In Your Home Right Now

A majority of fires take place in the home. These fires can cause serious property damage, injuries, and death. Many individuals may not realize how dangerous their home can currently be. A home can have multiple fire hazards at any given moment. It is important to realize what these dangers are and how you can protect your home.


1.Overloaded Power Strips - Electrical fires are one of the leading reasons for burns in the home. When a power outlet or cord has too many plugs in, it can overload the strip, causing an electrical spark. If it is near anything flammable, it can cause a fire to quickly erupt.

2.Worn Out Cords - Make sure your wires are all well insulated and have a protective covering. Electricity can be highly volatile and can cause a lot of damage if left unobserved. Wires can particularly light a rug or carpet if it is worn.

3.Unattended Stoves - Cooking can be a dangerous endeavor. If you leave a pot on the stove without watching it, it can lead to serious harm. Make sure to supervise what is being cooked on the stove in our home.

4.Candles - While romantic and perfect for creating ambiance, candles are also one of the leading causes for many house fires. Make sure to blow out a candle when it is not being used, so that you can protect your home.

5.Cigarettes - Cigarettes are also a leading factor in burning homes. An unattended cigarette can cause sparks to fan and a fire to start. Make sure to use sturdy ash trays and to snuff out a cigarette completely. For an added measure, it might be wise to smoke outside of the home.

6.Lights - Lights add a brightness to your home that can be beautiful. However, be careful of keeping them on all night. Christmas lights on trees, in particular, have the potential to cause a big blaze.

At Wyatt Law Firm, we want you and your family to be well protected from fires. We hope these hazards cause you to use caution around your home. If your residence did catch on fire due to negligence or inaction, you may have a claim. Call our San Antonio personal injury lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.


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