Apartment hunting? Don’t overlook these “red flags” on your search

by Paula A. Wyatt | January 27, 2021 | Blog, Premises Liability | 0 comments

Apartment hunting? Don’t overlook these “red flags” on your search There’s more to a home than four walls and a roof, so don’t expect your search for the perfect apartment or townhouse to be simple. You should, however, be on the watch for more than just a great view, top  amenities and easy access to local shopping or roads. Often, the signs are right there that a property manager or owner is less than proficient about maintenance and upkeep. Ignoring them could eventually lead to serious problems.

What are indications that a property is not well-maintained?

Here are the major signs of trouble you can spot while hunting for your next place:
  1. Your landlord wants you to sign a contract without seeing the actual apartment you’ll be renting. The smart thing here is to run the other way, because that’s a sure sign they’re hiding something about the apartment or its safety issues.
  2. There’s a community bulletin board covered with notices of thefts or break-ins. Are cars being vandalized? Have residents spotted people hanging out by the pool even though they don’t live there? Are there concerns about purse-snatching? Those are all signs that a landlord may be guilty of negligent security.
  3. The apartment looks fine but the common grounds are a mess. No matter how neat the apartment may seem, you can still break your leg falling down unlit stairs or walking through a parking lot that’s full of potholes that seem like they’re decades old.
  4. You have no idea how maintenance is handled. Is there a property manager? Did the property manager make it clear that they don’t accept phone calls for emergency repairs to the plumbing or appliances after a certain hour or on weekends? That’s problematic and dangerous.
Sometimes, the signs of a badly kept property are much less obvious. When that happens, you can easily end up injured or disabled through no fault of your own. Our office has been helping the victims of negligent property owners recover their losses for years. Call today to learn more.


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