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Causes Of Truck Accidents: Improper Maintenance

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Blog, Truck Accidents | 0 comments

There are a number of potential causes for truck accidents, including improper maintenance. The trucking company has a duty to make sure that their trucks are up to a high standard and quality. Proper maintenance is something that should occur regularly when it comes to these large trucks because they have the potential to cause serious damage if something were to go wrong. Improper maintenance can result in an accident and this is something that is completely preventable.


In order for the trucking company to properly maintain their trucks, there are a number of things that they must look for when running their inspection. This includes the following:

  • Check for broken or worn down parts
  • Check fluids that could affect steering or braking
  • Check gauges to make sure they are working correctly
  • Check speedometer to make sure it displays accurately
  • Check connection from truck to trailer
  • Check tire pressure and tread depth

If any of these are not up to standard, action should be taken to remedy the situation. Allowing a truck to dispatch without correcting any problems can be determined as negligence and if an accident occurs, the trucking company can be held liable.


If proper maintenance is not performed and the truck is allowed to leave, it can cause serious damage if an accident occurs. For example, if the brakes were not checked and the flow of traffic calls for a sudden stop, the truck may not be able to stop in time. This can result in a rear-end collision and if the accident involves a smaller, passenger vehicle, the damages can be devastating. Another example would be low tire tread that wasn’t checked properly. In certain weather, this can cause the truck to lose control and an accident to occur.

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