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Man suffers catastrophic injuries in pickup truck crash

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Blog, Catastrophic Injuries, Truck Accidents

When an accident results in life-threatening injuries, it is often necessary for emergency responders to transport the victim to a medical facility that is most capable of handling the kinds of injuries the victim has suffered. Not every emergency room in Texas has the equipment or personnel trained to handle catastrophic injuries, and in these situations, time is precious. One recent accident resulted in multiple medical teams fighting to save a man’s life.

The victim was a 61-year-old man who was walking to his job at a local home improvement store. At about 7:30 that morning, he was crossing a multi-lane highway when a pickup truck struck him. Surveillance video apparently showed investigators that the man had the right of way and was in the crosswalk when the vehicle struck him.

His injuries were severe, and medical responders transported him to a local medical center so doctors could stabilize him. As soon as possible, an air ambulance flew the victim to the closest Level I trauma center. Despite the best efforts of first responders and doctors, the man died of his injuries.

Police charged the driver of the truck with failure to yield the right of way, but further investigation may lead to additional charges. Negligent and reckless actions behind the wheel of a vehicle can lead to tragedies that may leave families struggling to move forward. The cost of medical intervention for catastrophic injuries can be astronomical. Because of this, Texas families may reach out to an attorney for advice and guidance in pursuing compensation for their loss, pain and suffering.