Building fire leaves teen fighting for her life

by Paula A. Wyatt | August 14, 2020 | Blog, Building Fires | 0 comments

Building fire leaves teen fighting for her life A terrifying scenario that many Texas parents may hope they never experience is what they would do if their home caught fire in the middle of the night. Even a well-rehearsed escape plan may be ineffective since it is impossible to predict how building fires may spread. Getting the children out safely may be the highest priority, and when that does not happen, it can be a nightmare for the parents. One family is living that nightmare following a blaze that destroyed their home in the middle of the night. The house was fully ablaze when first responders arrived, and the intense heat made rescue operations difficult. Three children had managed to escape with a parent, but rescuers were forced to undertake a harrowing search mission for an 18-year-old who was trapped in the house. Firefighters located the girl in the closet of her bedroom. She was unresponsive and burned over more than half of her body. Paramedics resuscitated her and transported her to a nearby medical center, where doctors stabilized her and sent her to a trauma center for burn victims. Unfortunately, those with similar injuries often face significant struggles, including unspeakable pain, suffering and the chance that the injuries may prove fatal. The cause of the blaze is uncertain, but investigators will likely explore many options, including whether a defective appliance, electrical malfunction or other device contributed to the fire. Media reports also indicate that the house did not have any functioning smoke detectors, which is a serious issue for those who rent residential properties in Texas. Those who suffer injuries or lose loved ones in building fires that result from someone else’s negligence have every right to seek legal advice about their options for pursuing justice in the civil courts.


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