Building fires: Butler apartment complex blaze injures

by Paula A. Wyatt | February 6, 2018 | Blog, Building Fires | 0 comments

Building fires: Butler apartment complex blaze injures Millions of Texas residents live in apartment complexes across the state. Many of these facilities have multiple stories to accommodate a larger number of occupants. While the multi-level living arrangement doesn't usually pose a problem, there could be difficulties in evacuating a facility like this when building fires occur. A recent fire at an apartment complex in Butler left several injured after their attempts to escape. Officials from the local fire department report that they received a call about a fire one morning at a downtown location. Evidently, smoke was seen coming from a unit on the second floor. Reports show that the fire was believed to have started in the basement of the facility. However, the cause of the blaze has not been determined at this time. An investigation of the incident is ongoing. Fire crews report that six people were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries they suffered in the fire. Police officials also assisted in the rescue efforts by helping two victims with smoke inhalation. Some occupants were also witnessed jumping from the second story of the building. One occupant was found unconscious in the building near a window. Residents indicate that there are family members that are still hospitalized with serious burns. Building fires are horrific, chaotic scenes where the first priority is to make sure residents are evacuated safely. Unfortunately, serious injuries may still occur, despite heroic efforts by neighbors or first responders. Should the investigation show that the building was not maintained properly and failed to meet safety regulations, victims and their families may choose to file a premises liability lawsuit. A Texas attorney can help those wishing to pursue litigation understand the legal process and how best to proceed. A trusted lawyer will work with clients to obtain a favorable outcome in the lawsuit that can provide compensation for medical expenses, hospital bills and other costs associated with ongoing treatment. Source:, "Downtown building fire in Butler sends 8 to the hospital", Jan. 30, 2018


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