Burn survivors may suffer from PTSD

Burn survivors may suffer from PTSD You may think that the effects of burns are strictly or mainly physical. That’s not always the case. People in Texas who have burn injuries can also be suffering from major, lasting psychological issues resulting from their burns. The pain and shock of being burned is often intense. The physical and emotional trauma of prolonged treatment can magnify your distress as well. When you get burned in a car accident, chemical fire, electrical fire or building fire, you may also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. According to the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, nearly half of burn sufferers can show signs of PTSD as long as one year after sustaining their injury.

Signs of PTSD

  • Seeing or personally experiencing something traumatic
  • Having disturbing flashbacks or memories of the event
  • Frequently dreaming about it
  • Experiencing strong emotional or physical reactions to reminders of the event
For a diagnosis of PTSD, the first criterion mentioned above must be present, plus at least one of the other criteria. “Avoidance symptoms” may also be present. You may deliberately shun painful recollections or emotions you associate with the traumatic event. You might ignore places or situations that revive distressing memories of the trauma. At least two of these additional signs must be present for a diagnosis of PTSD:
  • Having difficulty recalling the entire traumatic episode
  • Exhibiting a negative overall outlook
  • Blaming oneself or others for what happened
  • Potent negative feelings
  • Lack of interest in enjoyable pastimes
  • Decreased emotional connections with others
  • Difficulty experiencing happiness
Yet another set of PTSD symptoms exists. These include acting recklessly, being irritable, feeling hypervigilant, being easily startled, struggling to focus and having sleep difficulties. You must have at least two of these signs to have PTSD. Burn injuries can entail grueling surgeries and treatment. You may have emotional problems like PTSD and physical scars. Your life can be agonizingly disrupted. Let the attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. Call 210-318-4352 for a free consultation.    


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