Chemical plant explosions expose many to risks

Chemical plant explosions expose many to risks

A recent explosion in a Texas chemical plant has renewed attention to the risks and dangers of working in and living near these industries. Not only is it common for toxic and carcinogenic emissions from these plants to make their way into your water or air, but the highly volatile nature of the chemicals means you may go to bed each night wondering if this will be the night your world will erupt in flames.

The sad fact is that industrial explosions are relatively common in Texas. In fact, some of the nation's worst chemical explosions have occurred in Texas plants. Some resulted in multiple fatalities, and others left populations of entire towns and cities waiting for the long-term effects on their health.

What's at stake?

Whether you work in the chemical industry or live near a plant, you have the right to the safest possible environment. Explosions in petrochemical plants often result when those in the industry fail to comply with regulations in place to ensure you and others remain safe. Numerous factors in the chemical industry create an even higher risk for everyone involved when an explosion takes place, including:

  • Depending on the chemicals involved, a single explosion may lead to multiple explosions that may erupt at unpredictable intervals, placing first responders and others in danger.
  • Those involved in a chemical explosion may suffer devastating burns, irreparable damage to their lungs, and other catastrophic or fatal injuries.
  • The employees of a chemical plant are not the only ones in danger during an explosion since certain chemicals may send blasts, debris and toxic fumes for miles.
  • Many chemicals mix with the atmosphere to create dangerous and deadly reactions.
  • Even after the extinguishing and cleanup of a chemical fire, nearby residents and others may suffer illnesses from the environmental impact, such as chemicals entering the water system and asbestos materials or vapors remaining in the air.

If you suffer injuries in a chemical explosion, there is a good chance those injuries will be life-changing. You may find you are facing a lifetime of pain and suffering, along with medical bills and lost income. When an industrial disaster results because an employer is negligent in his or her duties to comply with the highest possible safety protocol, you may agree that it is appropriate to seek compensation. You can begin this process by seeking guidance from an experienced attorney.


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