Defective products lawsuit filed against Bristol-Myers

by Paula A. Wyatt | September 21, 2018 | Blog, Defective Products | 0 comments

Defective products lawsuit filed against Bristol-Myers

Abilify is a prescription medicine that is used by many Texas residents and others around the country in treatment of numerous mental illnesses, such as depression and schizophrenia. It is also prescribed to combat certain symptoms of autism. Unfortunately, the use of the drug led to various unexpected behaviors in some of its consumers. Some residents of another state recently filed a defective products lawsuit against Bristol-Myers, the manufacturer of Abilify, claiming that it did not disclose that certain behaviors may result from taking the drug.

The complaint stated that use of the drug resulted in compulsive behaviors, such as shopping, gambling or hyper-sexuality. Because of such behaviors, consumers of the drug experienced numerous physical, mental and financial damages. Those filing the lawsuit claimed that the defendants did not provide sufficient warnings about the drug. The drug's manufacture and sales continued without warnings to those who prescribed, purchased or used it.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. and Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc. were also named as defendants in the lawsuit. The plaintiffs have asked for a jury trial. They are seeking a judgment for damages, various fees and costs, as well as additional relief.

When defective products such as this drug cause further medical or psychological problems, victims and their families may decide to file a lawsuit against those involved in its creation, production and distribution. A Texas personal injury attorney can help families understand the legal process and guide them throughout the proceedings. A favorable result in a lawsuit can provide victims with compensation for medical expenses and other costs, as well as additional awards for pain, suffering or loss of potential income, if left unable to work.


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