Finesilver Curve Kryptonite For Big Rigs

by Paula A. Wyatt | April 8, 2016 | Blog, Fires & Burns | 0 comments

Finesilver Curve Kryptonite For Big Rigs

On Sunday, April 10, a big rig tipped over around 9:15 a.m. Reports claim the driver was transporting 700 pounds of ice, when it approached the I-10 West ramp, around the curve of the I-35 South. The incident caused the I-10 West to shut down for a few hours.

Police officers believe the weight of the ice coupled with the speed at which the driver was moving caused the big rig to tip over. Fortunately, the driver suffered just minor injuries.

This is not the first time this location witnessed a semi-truck accident. Known as the "Finesilver Curve," the ramp between I-10 West and I-35 South is commonplace for incidents similar to this. On Thursday, April 2, an 18-wheeler truck turned over on its side near the curve and stopped the traffic flow. On March 31, another big rig overturned on the highway ramp. A man lost his life on the "Finesilver Curve" on March 28, when he crashed into a big rig.

Both I-35 and I-10 are known for accidents. A study examined the deadliest highways in the nation between 2004 and 2008. It found that 579 fatal accidents occurred on the I-35 in the four years, with approximately 659 deaths. During the same time, 502 fatal accidents occurred on the I-10, which resulted in 591 deaths.

Given the sheer size and weight of the vehicle they are driving, big rig drivers must take caution. They must adhere to strict rules and guidelines involving the weight of the load they carry and the speed limit. If semi-trucks violate these rules, they endanger everyone on the road. Because of their mass, other drivers on the road can be seriously hurt or killed. If that happens, the truck drivers and companies must be held accountable.


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