Firefights Say They Found Asbestos On Third Floor Of Wedgwood Apartments

by Paula A. Wyatt | January 23, 2015 | Blog, Fires & Burns | 0 comments

Firefights Say They Found Asbestos On Third Floor Of Wedgwood Apartments

Not long after the devastating fire that claimed the lives of five at Wedgwood Senior Living Center, firefighters announced that they had found asbestos in the third floor of the building.

Built in the 1960s, it sadly doesn't come as a huge surprise that asbestos was found in the Wedgwood Senior Living Center apartments. Back then, asbestos was a common component in housing insulation, but it was phased out when research concluded that the substance was deadly and could cause conditions such as asbestosis and a form of lung cancer called mesothelioma.

A video released by KSAT shows Attorney Paula Wyatt in a hazmat suit provided by Wedgwood management. She was required to wear the protective equipment and sign a release form before she could enter the area containing asbestos.

Firefighters had to rip away parts of the walls and ceilings in the midst of the blaze, and it is still unclear whether or not residents were evacuated before that time - there is a chance they could have inhaled asbestos fibers in the process.

On December 28, a fire broke out on the third floor of the Wedgwood Senior Living Center. Five people were killed and others were taken to the hospital. Due to the age of the building, it was not equipped with a sprinkler system.

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