Heavy equipment causes many severe workplace accidents

Heavy equipment causes many severe workplace accidents

Construction workers in San Antonio and across Texas face an endless list of safety hazards, many of which are life-threatening. Safety authorities say some of the most significant workplace accidents involve bulldozers, cranes, front loaders, excavators, dump trucks and other heavy equipment. It is not only the operators that risk severe injuries, but also those who work around these massive machines.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration underscores two major heavy equipment threats. A significant percentage of fatalities on construction sites involve struck-by incidents that happen when heavy equipment strikes ground personnel. An example is a worker being hit by a swinging excavator bucket. It is crucial for operators of trucks, cranes and excavation equipment not to lose sight of workers at ground level.

Another life-threatening hazard involves workers being caught in or between objects. A worker can be crushed to death if he or she is pinned between the counterweight of an excavator and a wall. Ground workers can prevent these deadly accidents by always making sure they have an escape route to get out of the way of deadly equipment. Operators of equipment must remain aware of each worker on the ground, and stop work if he or she loses sight of one of them.

Workers' compensation insurance is optional for employers in Texas. For this reason, many injured construction workers utilize the skills of an experienced San Antonio personal injury and wrongful death attorney to help them obtain financial relief. Mounting medical bills and lost wages can adversely affect any worker's financial stability, and legal counsel can work to recover damages.


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