Manufacturers Recall Led Lamps And Hanging Chairs

Manufacturers Recall Led Lamps And Hanging Chairs

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of Cree LED T8 Lamps and Big Lots Hanging Chairs. Consumers who purchased these items should stop using them immediately.

Yesterday, June 4, the CPSC announced the recall of two products. Cree issued a recall of its LED T8 Lamps and retail store Big Lots issued a recall of its hanging chairs. The CPSC urges any consumers who are currently using these products to stop immediately as the products pose a risk of injury.


Product manufacturer Cree announced a recall of 700,000 of its replacement LED lamps. The LED lamps were marketed as a replacement for traditional two pin fluorescent tubes and sold exclusively at Home Depot stores in the U.S.

Product Details -

  • White
  • 48" long
  • Cylindrical
  • Marked with "BT848 Series Lamp"

Cree issued the recall because the product poses a burn hazard. Apparently, the bulb can create an electrical arc that can overheat the unit or melt it, posing the burn hazard. While no injuries have been reported yet, Cree received four separate reports of the replacement lamps overheating and melting. To see if you have one of these recalled LED lamps, you can check the UPC code.


Big Lots is recalling about 16,000 of its hanging chairs, sold exclusively at Big Lots, due to a fall hazard. Big Lots has received eight total incident reports and five total injuries caused by the chairs falling while someone was sitting in them.

Product Details -

  • Sold only at Big Lots
  • Sold from December 2014 to January 2015
  • Material: brown plastic wicker
  • Egg-shaped chair hanging from a chain connected to a metal stand

To learn more about this recall, view the CPSC's official report.

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