Product Recall List

by Paula A. Wyatt | November 19, 2015 | Blog, Product Liability | 0 comments

Product Recall List

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Home Depot have released a new list of recalls. The list includes 28 recalled products still sold in stores after they were recalled between 2012 and 2015. Below, you will find a list of these products.

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Product: CE Tech 1,000 Ft. Riser Cable
Date of Recall: 4/9/13
Danger: Riser cable does not meet standards for fire resistance. Fire hazard.

Product: Cordelia Two-Lamp Fluorescent Shop Lights
Date of Recall: 5/22/14
Danger: Sockets on the lamp may allow loose connections. Fire and electrical hazard.

Product: Easy Reach by Gorilla Ladders 3-Step Pro Series Step Stools
Date of Recall: 10/25/12
Danger: Top step / standing platform may break. Fall hazard.

Product: Fiskars Bypass Lopper Shears
Date of Recall: 10/8/14
Danger: Handle on the lopper may break when cutting branches. Injury and laceration hazard.

Product: Genie Garage Door Openers
Date of Recall: 2/25/14
Danger: Overheating of the control board. Fire hazard.

Product: Harris Products Group and Lincoln Electric Welding Torch Handles
Date of Recall: 7/31/14
Danger: Oxygen or fuel leak in the torch handle. Fire hazard.

Product: HeathCo Motion-Activated Outdoor Lights
Date of Recall: 10/30/13
Danger: Internal wiring problems energizing entire surface and fittings. Electrical shock hazard.

Product: Homelite Electric Blower Vacuums
Date of Recall: 2/21/13
Danger: Plastic housing can break due to objects drawn in the vacuum. Laceration hazard.

Product: Homelite Electric Blower Vacuums
Date of Recall: 4/16/15
Danger: Overheating of the blower vacuum. Fire and burn hazard.

Product: Kidde Disposable Plastic Fire Extinguishers
Date of Recall: 2/12/15
Danger: Disposable fire extinguishers may not fully discharge during emergency. Injury hazard.

Product: Kidde Smoke and Combination Smoke/CO Alarms
Date of Recall: 9/11/14
Danger: Failure of alarms to alert consumers of fire or CO incident. Injury hazard.

Product: Legrand Under-Cabinet Power Strips
Date of Recall: 9/6/12
Danger: Receptacles on power strips have reversed electrical wires. Electrical shock hazard.

Product: Legrand Under-Cabinet Power Strips
Date of Recall: 5/15/14
Danger: Substandard internal electrical connections. Fire hazard.

Product: LG Electric Ranges
Date of Recall: 11/8/12
Danger: Failure of burners on electric ranges to turn off. Burn and fire hazard.

Product: LG Top-Loading Washing Machines
Date of Recall: 12/8/12
Danger: The washing machine may shake due to unbalanced load making the drum loose. Injury hazard.

Product: Lithonia Quantum® ELM and ELM2 Two-Light Emergency Lighting Fixtures
Date of Recall: 5/28/14
Danger: Overheating of circuit board cause melting of fixture. Fire and burn hazard.

Product: MAT Industries HDXTM and Powermate® Two-Gallon Air Compressors
Date of Recall: 2/12/14
Danger: Pressure switch terminals may touch the motor housing. Electrical shock hazard.

Product: Mohawk Altitude Gold Shag Rugs
Date of Recall: 11/19/14
Danger: Failure to meet flammability standards and small rugs fail to meet federal labeling requirements. Fire hazard.

Product: Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarms
Date of Recall: 5/21/14
Danger: When Nest Wave feature is active, any actions near the product may prevent the alarm from sounding. Injury hazard.

Product: Nourison I-CANDI Collection Polyester Shag Rugs
Date of Recall: 5/23/13
Danger: Failure to meet federal flammability standards. Fire hazard.

Product: Pramac America Powermate Sx 5500 Portable Generators
Date of Recall: 11/13/12
Danger: Gasoline leaks allowed by the fuel filter. Fire hazard.

Product: RSI Glacier Bay® Bathroom Medicine Cabinets
Date of Recall: 1/16/14
Danger: Possible separation of mirror or back panel. Injury hazard.

Product: Soleil Portable Fan Heaters
Date of Recall: 7/25/13
Danger: The plastic housing can deform, melt, or catch fire during use. Fire hazard.

Product: SoleusAir Dehumidifiers by Gree Electric Appliances
Date of Recall: 5/15/14
Danger: Overheating, smoking, and catching fire during use. Fire hazard.

Product: Vornado Air Electric Space Heaters
Date of Recall: 8/14/14
Danger: Overheating can cause the unit to melt or ignite other items. Fire hazard.

Product: Waterloo Industries Husky® Securelock Vertical Bike Hooks
Date of Recall: 4/15/15
Danger: Detachment of bike hooks causing the bike to fall off. Fall and injury hazard.

Product: Westinghouse Lighting Glass Shade Holders
Date of Recall: 3/12/15
Danger: The pull chain switch is incorrectly wired. Electrical shock hazard.

Product: Wing Enterprises Switch-It Stepladder/Stepstools
Date of Recall: 12/11/12
Danger: Inner side rails may separate from outer rails when extended. Fall and injury hazard.


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