Psychological recovery after a catastrophic injury

Psychological recovery after a catastrophic injury

Life can change in an instant. Since your accident, you have probably had this thought countless times. No doubt, you spend time reflecting on your life before your injury and comparing it to where you are now. A catastrophic accident has changed your life forever.

Whether your injury resulted from a car crash, a fire, or a workplace accident, the marks go beyond the damage to your body. Your accident may have left  psychological scars that may take considerable time to fade.

How your injury may affect you emotionally

It may be difficult for you to overcome the unpleasant feelings you have when you see your injury. This is natural, and everyone has a different level of tolerance for dealing with injuries. However, if this feeling prevents you from tending to your injury, it may not heal as quickly or properly, and you may risk an infection. Studies show that having a compassionate nurse to assist you with these tasks may improve your recovery.

Your emotional reaction to the wound is only one part of your psychological recovery. You may also be dealing with the following:

  • Inability to manage your role in your recovery, such as taking medicine, doing physical therapy, or caring for your wound
  • Altered body image, especially if the wound is noticeable to others
  • Depression

Since each person is unique with different perspectives, experiences and coping mechanisms, no insurance company should be able to dictate when you have emotionally recovered from your accident. A catastrophic injury such as a burn or amputation may heal, but you may need more time to fully recover from the wounds inside.

Many people want to help you get well

It may take months or even years of patience and love from friends and family to bring you to a point of emotional wellness. Coming to terms with your injury well enough to care for it as you heal may be a difficult step for you to take. You should not overlook the option of seeking professional help if you find the psychological damage is too heavy to bear alone.

Another step that may help you find peace of mind is to speak with an attorney about getting  compensation for your injuries. The accident that caused your injury has changed your life. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get the financial resources, medical care, and counseling you need to rebuild your life.



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